-text and photos by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe;
design by Florin Stancu-

A long time ago
I heard for the first time a question:

What would our world be
without the Sun?

One day when the Sun went up to the zenith,
I crossed the Bucharestian bridge over the Dambovita River
to the Victory Way,
and the beauty of a globe with a stellar belt
(signifying the celestial equator)
on the Post Palace
charmed me.

In fact, there are four such globes at an edge of that building,
and four other globes at the other edge,
seeming to suggest the road of the Earth
around the celestial temple of the Sun.

The Post Palace was conceived by architect Alexandru Savulescu
and built in between 1894 and 1900.

In 1972 its function was changed into
the National History Museum of Romania.

It is decorated with more
interesting cosmic, especially solar symbols,
and, as an irony of destiny,
this palace was initially made for postal activities,
that means to travel in space,
and now it serves as a history museum,
that means to travel in time,
so from this perspective,
it is a space-time edifice!

a central line over the columns impressed me:
it seems to invent another ecliptic,
the road of the Sun through
different, musical constellations.

And closer…

And even closer…

So… what would our world be
without the Sun?

I don’t know,
but fortunately we have the Sun
who guarantees our space-time rights
and allows any fantasy
between the god of light
and a supreme globe of Hydrogen and Helium.


© 2012 SARM
(Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy)