The texts of this web site dedicated to the memory of Costica Gheorghe
are presented in two languages,
English and Romanian,
translated by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

Textele acestui web site dedicat memoriei lui Costica Gheorghe
sunt prezentate
atat in limba engleza cat si in romaneste,
in traducerea lui Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

Costica in the Youth Park, Bucharest
Photo: Dan Mitrut


Candles are burning so finely!
They seem to be Stars in Paradise.
Have a sweet sleep, Costica!

Ce frumos ard lumanarile!
Parca sunt stele in Paradis.
Somn usor, Costica!

-Steliana Gheorghe (wife / sotie) and Andrei Dorian Gheorghe (son / fiu)-

Clouds over the Milky Way
Photo: Cristina Tinta


Costica Gheorghe (1927 May 24th - 2007 November 26th)
was a great lover of people and a multilateral talent
(in technique, pedagogy, arts, etc.),
obscured and harassed by a totalitarian communist regime (1948-1989).
After the Romanian Revolution in December 1989,
he used his energy in helping his son
Andrei Dorian (nicknamed “Doru” = longing in English) Gheorghe
to create and coordinate a national astropoetry movement
with prestigious guests from other countries.
He participated at SARM’s Perseid Event 1995-1999
(including EuRoEclipse Perseids 99)
in the town of Targoviste and the Voievodes Hill,
being a very useful organizational factor for the first 4 editions
of the Cosmopoetry Festival,
and working for the International Showrooms of
Astronomical Arts, Photos and Publications.

Costica Gheorghe (24 mai 1927 - 26 noiembrie 2007)
a fost un mare iubitor de oameni si un talent multilateral
(in tehnica, pedagogie, arte etc.),
umbrit si hartuit de un regim totalitar comunist (1948-1989).
Dupa Revolutia din decembrie 1989 in Romania,
el si-a folosit energia ajutandu-si fiul,
pe Andrei Dorian (alintat “Doru”) Gheorghe,
sa creeze si sa coordoneze o miscare nationala astropoetica,
cu invitati de prestigiu din alte tari.
El a participat la Evenimentul “Perseide” al SARM in 1995-1999
(incluzand EuRoEclipsa Perseide ‘99)
la Targoviste si in Dealul Voievozilor,
fiind un factor organizational foarte util pentru primele 4 editii
ale Festivalului de Cosmopoezie
si lucrand pentru Saloanele Internationale de
Arte, Fotografii si Publicatii Astronomice.


My son is an “element”
who has dedicated all his life
to the beauty of the Cosmos.

Fiul meu este un “element”
care si-a dedicat toata viata
frumusetii Cosmosului.

-Costica Gheorghe-


My father is the motor
who has pushed me
closer to the stars.

Tatal meu este motorul
care m-a impins
mai aproape de stele.

-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe-

Son (Andrei Dorian) and Father (Costica) at SARM’s Perseid Event, Voievodes Hill, Targoviste
Photo: Dan Mitrut


In September 2000, Costica participated at
the International Meteor Conference in Pucioasa, Romania.

In septembrie 2000, Costica a participat la
Conferinta Internationala de Meteori in Pucioasa, Romania.

Costica near Valentin Grigore, Danut Ionescu, Juan Martin Semegone (Argentina)
and two other participants at the IMC 2000


Between January 2000 and November 2006,
Costica helped his son to organize all the Astropoetry Galas of SARM
at the “Admiral Vasile Urseanu” Bucharest Municipal Observatory.

Intre ianuarie 2000 si noiembrie 2006,
Costica si-a ajutat fiul sa organizeze toate galele de astropoezie ale SARM
la Observatorul Municipal “Amiral Vasile Urseanu” din Bucuresti.

Bucharest Municipal Observatory Terrace, Astronomy Day 2007
Photo: Adrian Bruno Sonka

Costica at an Astropoetry Gala, Bucharest Municipal Observatory
Photo: Stefan Calin


I’ve known the Bucharest Municipal Observatory since 50 years ago,
admiring it as a formidable architectural monument.
But I never imagined that, coming here,
I can see and hear
so much enthusiasm and love for something sublime:
the sky inspiring life.

Cunosc acest Observator Municipal al Bucurestiului de 50 de ani
si l-am admirat ca pe un monument arhitectonic formidabil.
Dar nu mi-am imaginat niciodata ca, venind aici,
voi vedea si auzi
atat de mult entuziasm si dragoste pentru ceva sublim:
cerul inspirand viata.

-Costica Gheorghe, 2003-

Costica among astropoets and astronomers, Bucharest Municipal Observatory
Photo: Calin Niculae



…like the flame of a meteor…
without words…
without sounds…
Costica set…
in order to rise on other realms…
A man of a rare quality,
a friend of the sky lovers,
gladdening like a child
and spreading only light around him.

God rest Costica.
God make part of His Light to Costica!


…ca flacara unui meteor…
fara murmur…
fara sa scoata un sunet…
Costica a apus…
ca sa rasara pe alte taramuri…
Un om de o calitate rar intalnita,
un prieten al iubitorilor cerului,
care se bucura ca un copil
si radia in jurul sau numai lumina.

Dumnezeu sa-l odihneasca
si sa-i faca parte de Lumina!

-Valentin Grigore (President of SARM)-



-Valentin Grigore, photographic poem-



calling the horses of the sun
to look for the lone word
an earthling wrote to me:

“the lone word tells everything about the Cosmos.

making people from stars
I see them burning and blabbering all the time.

the lone word would know
to teach them to bring up,
to avoid the atmosphere’s temptation,
to elude the voices which haunt their sleep…

if you read this
it’s a sign that I am lost.

I leave a swirl of stars
and the horses of the sun
as a heritage…
this last sigh
about the lone word,

(Dedicated to an exemplary man, to Costica,
who I shall never cease to treasure and respect
for his laborious and anonymous contribution to what we all have today:
a movement of star poetry.
I wish him light dust and gold worship.)


strunind caii soarelui
in cautarea cuvantului singur
un pamantean mi-a scris:

“cuvantul singur spune totul despre Cosmos.

plamadind oameni din stele
ii vad cum ard sporovaind inca de prunci.

cuvantul singur ar sti
sa ii invete sa creasca,
sa se fereasca de ispita atmosferei,
de glasurile ce-i cauta in somn…

de vei citi aceasta,
e semn c-am ratacit.

las in grija
o valtoare de stele
si caii soarelui…
aceasta ultima suflare despre
cuvantul singur,

(Dedicat unui om exemplar, lui Costica,
pe care nu voi inceta sa il pretuiesc si sa il respect,
pentru contributia laborioasa si anonima la ceea ce astazi cu totii avem:
o miscare de poezie a stelelor.
Fie-i tarana de lumina si rugaciunea de aur.)

-Dan Mitrut (Vice-President of SARM)-



-Gabriel Ivanescu, photographic poem-



do you remember the Perseid nights
when we watched like two children
the meteors’ dance among the joyous stars?

do you remember how enthusiastically
you and my mother vibrated and helped me
in preparing “astro” and “meteor” exhibitions,
astropoetry galas
and international astroshows?

Maybe some day we shall be together again,
free to admire
all the meteor showers in the Universe,
free to prepare
other exhibitions, galas and shows
for other worlds,
better than this tragic Earth.

You, my mother and me,
we ourselves three falling stars.

(First published in Meteor Contemporary Poetry Project - 10,
I(nternational)M(eteor)O(rganization)-News, 2007 December 22nd)


iti amintesti noptile de Perseide
cand priveam ca doi copii
dansul meteorilor printre stelele voioase?

iti amintesti cum tu si mama
vibrati cu entuziasm si ma ajutati
la pregatirea astroexpozitiilor,
a galelor de astropoezie
si a astroshow-urilor internationale?

Poate candva vom fi iarasi impreuna,
liberi sa admiram
toti curentii de meteori din Univers,
liberi sa pregatim
expozitii, gale si show-uri
pentru alte lumi,
mai frumoase decat acest Pamant tragic.

Tu, mama si cu mine,
noi insine trei stele cazatoare.

(Publicat initial in Proiectul “Poezia Contemporana a Meteorului” Nr. 10,
pe lista Organizatiei Internationale de Meteori - IMO-NEWS, 22 decembrie 2007)

-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe-

Photo-collage by Calin Niculae

Mr. Costica was my friend too…

Nea Costica a fost si prietenul meu…

-Calin Niculae-

 Photo-collage by Calin Niculae





Sometimes his remembrance thrills me.
People like Costica should never die…

Uneori, amintirea lui ma copleseste.
Oameni precum Costica nu ar trebui sa moara niciodata…

-Valentin Grigore (President of SARM)-


Every time when I organize a literary-astronomical activity,
I think of you, because you made the beginning in this field.
I’m very sorry about your father, a man with a remarkable soul,
who I met for the first time in Targoviste,
at the Perseid events.
I’m heavy-hearted. My sincere condolences to your family.
God rest Mr. Costica in peace.

Ori de cate ori organizez cate o activitate cu caracter literar-astronomic,
sa stii ca ma gandesc la tine, findca tu esti cel care ai dat tonul in acest sens.
Imi pare foarte rau de ceea ce i s-a intimplat tatalui tau,
un om deosebit de sufletist pe care l-am intalnit prima data
la Targoviste, la “Perseide”.
Cu durere in suflet adresez familiei tale sincere condoleante.
Dumnezeu sa-l odihnesca in pace pe nenea Costica.

-Dimitrie Olenici (Planetarium Suceava)-


God rest one of those people so dear to me,
and who I shall always carry in my soul.

Dumnezeu sa-l odihneasca pe unul din acei oameni care imi sunt dragi
si pe care ii voi purta mereu in suflet.

-Gelu-Claudiu Radu (Editor of SARM’s magazine
Noi si Cerul / Us and the Sky 1996-2000)-


Mr. Costica… I cannot forget his mysterious smile
with so many nuances…

Nea Costica… nu pot sa uit zambetul lui misterios
cu atatea nuante…

-Florian Saioc-


We all go… into a better world, I hope.
It depends on what we leave behind…
I’m sorry I didn’t personally know him,
but I certainly met him through you.
I’m so sorry…
Some day, later, on a clear evening, I shall phone you.

Toti ne ducem... intr-o lume mai buna, sper eu.
Depinde ce lasam in urma...
Imi pare rau ca nu am apucat sa-l cunosc
dar cu siguranta l-am intalnit prin tine.
Inca o data imi pare sincer rau.
Candva, mai incolo, intr-o seara senina, am sa te sun.

-Cristian Miala-


Sincere condolences…

Sincere condoleante…

-Adriana Nicolae, Costel Birza, Felician Ursache,
Florian Ispas, Diana Mitrut, Ruxandra Toma, Anca Buhus,
Diana Maria Ogescu, Paul Boboc, Mihaela Chifelea, etc.-


    But his memory remains,
and must be fully honored.
I wish him clear and nearby skies.
With pain,

Ramane memoria lui,
care trebuie cinstita asa cum se cuvine.
Cerul sa-i fie senin si mereu aproape.
Cu durere,

-Florian Severin-

Photo: Florian Severin



Mr. Costica - a fine smile
Mr. Costica - a jocular person
Mr. Costica - a real man
Mr. Costica - a stellar soul

He is gone with a lot of hopes
But from the sky he lightens his son,
Who always thinks of the stars
And burns like a meteor in the air

Mr. Costica, be serene, be happy,
And have much Divine Light.
Your son will never fall down,
Your son is an astral infinite flight.


Nenea Costica - zambet bonom
Nenea Costica - hatru, cotcar
Nenea Costica - omul de om
Nenea Costica - suflet stelar

S-a dus Nea Costica-al nadejdilor noastre
Din cer isi steleaza acuma feciorul
Ce umbla din leagan cu capul in astre
Si arde ca-n aer cazand meteorul

Lumina Divina, Nene Costica,
Sa fii linistit, sa fii fericit
Ca dorul tau Doru nu cade, nu pica,
Doru e-un zbor astral infinit

-Florian Saioc (member of the Writers Union of Romania)-


Jupiter, Venus, Scorpius and Moon over the Royal Court of Targoviste
Photo: Valentin Grigore





This tragic piece of news has made me bewildered.
was one of the most kindhearted people I have ever known.
I don’t find words of consolation. My condolences to you and Steliana.
From now on, I wish both of you a life without troubles.
Have a good health, especially Steliana,
who must be very strong.
Costica is gone, and nobody can bring him back.
I hope his memory will give you the peace that
you lived close to a remarkable person,
full of an exceptional goodness.

Am ramas perplex de tragica veste.
a fost unul dintre cei mai buni si de suflet oameni pe care i-am cunoscut.
Nici nu am cuvinte de consolare, transmite-i te rog si Stelianei condoleante.
Sa nu mai stiti de necazuri, de acum incolo,
si in primul rand multa sanatate Stelianei, si tie,
dar ea in special e obligatoriu sa se tina tare, cat se poate, ca n-are incotro.
Costica s-a pierdut, si nimeni nu-l mai poate readuce inapoi.
Doar amintirea lui sa va aduca linistirea ca ati fost
in preajma unei persoane deosebite,
de o bunatate iesita din comun.

-Dr. Emanuel Schwalb (established in Israel)-


It is so hard for me to find words!
Mr. Costica will always remain in my soul
as I met him for the first time:
joyous and playful.

Imi este atat de greu sa imi gasesc cuvintele!
Dom’ Costica va ramane mereu in sufletul meu asa cum l-am intalnit prima data
si cum de altfel a fost intotdeauna:
vesel si pus pe glume.

-Danut Ionescu (established in New Zealand)-


God rest him.
I’m very sorry…
I don’t know what words could cover this wound…
I try to say four:

Dumnezeu sa-l odihneasca.
Imi pare sincer foarte rau…
Nu stiu ce cuvinte ar putea acoperi aceasta rana...
Voi incerca sa rostesc patru:

-Cristina Slovineanu (student in Greece)-


I am beside you in these moments.
Much friendship,

Sunt alaturi de tine in aceste momente.
Cu multa prietenie,

-Dr. Mirel Birlan (established in France
as an astronomer at Paris Observatory)-


What a year!
We lost our dads in the same autumn.
Be strong.

Ce an!
Amandoi ne-am pierdut taticii in aceeasi toamna.
Fii tare,

-Mircea Bodea (established in U.S.A.)-

Waterfall in Greece
Photo: Cristina Slovineanu

Rainbow in Hawaii
Photo: Simona Vaduvescu

Venus over New Zealand
Photo: Danut Ionescu



A remembrance
is now bathed
by tears of light

A warm voice
is now carried
by limbs of meteors

The mild face of a dad
is now watching us
from constellations

A so gentle voice -
the tear-meteor
accompanies it


O amintire
in lacrimi de lumina
acum scaldata

O voce calda
pe brate de meteori
acum purtata

Chip blajin de tata
dintre constelatii
acum priveste

Glas atat de bland -
il insoteste

-Iulian Olaru (multiple Romanian laureate for astrohaiku)-

A small meteor next to the Pleiades
Photo: Alexandru Conu






Saturn, Regulus and a Lunar Eclipse
Photo: Valentin Grigore


Special thanks also to the family members, and to so many friends
and colleagues (coordinated by Iuliana Tanasescu,
Doina Gheorghe, Olivia Codresi, Petruta Cuciureanu, Gabriela Tepurlui, etc.)
for their solidarity.

Multumiri speciale de asemenea membrilor familiei, prietenilor si
colegilor (coordonati de Iuliana Tanasescu,
Doina Gheorghe, Olivia Codresi, Petruta Cuciureanu, Gabriela Tepurlui etc.)
pentru solidaritate.


Telling about Costica, we laugh,
but our souls cry…

Noi radem cand vorbim despre Costica,
dar sufletele noastre plang…

-Vasilica Tudor (Costica’s sister-in-law)-

Sunrise at the Black Sea, Romania
Photo: Ana Apostolescu


-to Costica Gheorghe-

“I travelled through space more than anyone,”
said the cosmic explorer,
“now my end is getting close
and there are still a lot of unknown things in the Universe.
I think that just a fistful of dust,
100 whispers and a few sighs would remain from me.”

“Don’t be afraid,” replied the sage of the infinite,
“after you, on the time spiral,
other explorers will go further
starting from that fistful of dust,
100 whispers and a few sighs.

One after the other, they will open new horizons,
crumbling the astral dimensions
and trying to find the essence of the worlds
until just a fistful of dust,
100 whispers and a few sighs will remain.”

-lui Costica Gheorghe-

“Am colindat prin spatiu mai mult decat oricine,”
spuse exploratorul cosmic,
“acum sfarsitul mi-e aproape
si mult a mai ramas de cercetat in Univers.
Din mine de-or ramane un pumn de praf,
100 de soapte si cateva suspine.”

“N-ai teama,” ii raspunse inteleptul infinitului,
“in urma ta pe-a timpului spirala
alti exploratori isi vor abate pasii
pornind de la acel pumn de praf,
100 de soapte si cateva suspine.

Pe rand noi orizonturi vor deschide,
spulberand dimensiunile astrale
si zbatandu-se sa afle esenta a tot ce ne inconjoara
pana ce n-or mai ramane decat un pumn de praf,
100 de soapte si cateva suspine.”

-Victor Chifelea (multiple Romanian laureate for “fantasy” cosmopoetry)-

Time Cascade
(Gavarnie Waterfall, Pyrenees, France)
Photo: Valentin Grigore

End of the World
(Gavarnie Waterfall, Pyrenees, France)
Photo: Jos Nijland (Holland, Dutch Meteor Society)

Beginning of the World
(Gavarnie Waterfall, Pyrenees, France)
Photo: Valentin Grigore





Please accept my deep sympathies for the loss of your father.
This winter must have been very difficult for you and your family.
Ordinarily I would wish you a happy new year,
but now I will simply say that I will be watching
for the new star in the heavens.

Te rog sa accepti profunda mea compasiune pentru pierderea tatalui tau.
Aceasta iarna trebuie ca este foarte dificila pentru tine si familie.
In mod normal ti-as fi urat un an nou fericit,
dar acum iti voi spune simplu ca voi veghea
asupra noii stele din ceruri.

-Emily Gaskin (U.S.A.,
Editor of Astropoetica)-


I am very sorry to hear about the death of your father.
However, I am sure that you will console yourself that
it was probably a release from the suffering he was having to bear.
This is what helped me on the death of my parents;
I felt they were ready to go,
and to wish otherwise would just be selfish.
So give thanks that he suffers no more,
and perhaps compose some poetry to celebrate his life.

Imi pare foarte rau sa aud despre moartea tatalui tau.
Totusi, sunt sigur ca te vei consola ca a fost probabil
o eliberare de la suferinta pe care el trebuia sa o indure.
Pe mine, aceasta m-a ajutat la moartea parintilor mei;
am simtit ca ei erau gata sa plece,
si a dori altfel ar fi fost de-a dreptul egoism.
Asa incat fii recunoscator ca n-a suferit mai mult,
si compune poate poezii pentru a-i celebra viata.

-Dr. Geoffrey H. Grayer (U.K.,
member of the International Meteor Organization)-


We are so sorry to hear of your loss, Andrei.
Life has been especially difficult for you these past few years.
Let us pray that 2008 brings you
bright new experiences and creations.

Ne pare atat de rau sa auzim despre pierderea ta, Andrei!
Viata a fost dificila pentru tine indeosebi in ultimii ani.
Ingaduie-ne sa ne rugam ca anul 2008 sa iti aduca
noi experiente si creatii stralucitoare.

-Marge Simon and Bruce Boston (U.S.A.,
laureates of the Science Fiction Poetry Association)-


I am wondering how your father is doing in the heavens.
I hope he is fine.

Ma intreb ce mai face acum tatal tau in ceruri.
Sper ca face bine.

-Arnold Tukkers (Holland,
Lattrop Cosmos Observatory)-

Photo: Casper ter Kuile (Holland, Dutch Meteor Society)


I was greatly saddened by the news of your father's death
from your November 30 message.
Words are inadequate at such a time, as I am particularly acutely aware,
but my thoughts are with you and your mother
in this impossibly painful period.

My father's elder brother died on October 27.
He was 87 in August, and died from a rare type of leukaemia,
in hospital.
I met him only once, as he and his family lived in rural south-west England
for most of my life,
but we spoke by phone at times,
and since my father's death, we wrote occasionally too.
One crazy weekend in 1975, my father and I drove down there
one Friday evening - just bought some road maps, and went.
What I recall most vividly was the incredibly clear, star-dusted sky
the night we arrived.
Strange the memories you return to at such times.

Andrei, there is nothing I can add that will make things feel better for you,
I know.
My mother died on November 30, 1979, when I was 18, so I know
how very difficult the whole New Year/Christmas time becomes as a result.
Perhaps it helps just to know you are not alone.

Chris Trayner (Editor of WGN) and the writer Howard Hendrix
have both asked me to pass on sincere condolences to you in recent days,
for the loss of your father.

Am fost extrem de intristat de noutatile despre moartea tatalui tau,
din mesajul de pe 30 noiembrie.
Cuvintele sunt nepotrivite pentru asa ceva, sunt foarte constient de asta,
dar gandurile mele sunt cu tine si mama ta
in aceasta perioada imposibila si dureroasa.

Fratele mai mare al tatalui meu a murit pe 27 octombrie.
El implinise 87 de ani in august si a decedat in spital
datorita unui tip rar de leucemie.
L-am intalnit doar odata, intrucat el si familia sa au locuit in cea mai mare parte
a vietii mele intr-o zona rurala din sud-vestul Angliei,
dar am vorbit la telefon uneori,
iar de la moartea tatalui meu ne-am scris ocazional de asemenea.
Intr-un weekend nebun din 1975, tatal meu si cu mine ne-am dus acolo
intr-o joi seara - tocmai cumparasem niste harti de drum si am pornit.
Ceea ce imi amintesc in mod deosebit este cerul incredibil de clar si prafuit de stele
din noaptea in care am sosit.
Ciudate aceste amintiri si felul in care m-ai facut sa revin la acele timpuri.

Andrei, nu este nimic de adaugat care sa faca lucrurile mai bune pentru tine,
stiu asta.
Mama mea a murit pe 30 noiembrie 1979, cand aveam 18 ani, si cunosc
cat de dificila devine astfel perioada Sarbatorilor de Iarna.
Poate ca totusi te ajuta sa stii ca nu esti singur.

Chris Trayner (Editor al WGN) si scriitorul Howard Hendrix
m-au rugat recent sa-ti transmit sincere condoleante
pentru pierderea tatalui tau.

-Alastair McBeath (U.K.,
Vice-President of the International Meteor Organization)-

 Andrei Dorian Gheorghe, Valentin Grigore, Alastair McBeath, Gelu-Claudiu Radu, Adrian Negoescu
and Stefan Berinde (down) near the SARM poster
at the International Meteor Conference in Petnica (Yugoslavia), September 1997


Alastair McBeath told me about the death of your father
and ill health of your mother, and that you have to work very long hours.
I am sorry to hear that.
I hope you keep up your strength and cheerfulness!
Your gift for poetry must help you.

Alastair McBeath mi-a povestit despre moartea tatalui tau,
despre boala mamei tale si ca ai mult de lucru.
Imi pare rau sa aud acestea.
Sper ca iti vei pastra taria si vivacitatea.
Harul tau pentru poezie trebuie sa te ajute.

-Guy Ottewell (U.K.,
author of the “legendary” annual Astronomical Calendar
published in U.S.A. since 1974
by Furman University, Greenville, South Carolina,
in cooperation with the Astronomical League)-


I'm so sorry to hear this… and it's very strange,
but I had a feeling of dread for a few weeks
when I thought of you...
maybe I was sensing this development.
Please accept my condolences.
If I can do anything to help, let me know...
Peace my friend...

Imi pare atat de rau sa aud aceasta… si e foarte ciudat,
fiindca am avut un sentiment de groaza timp de cateva saptamani,
cand m-am gandit la tine…
poate ca am simtit acest eveniment.
Te rog, accepta-mi condoleantele
si spune-mi daca te pot ajuta cu ceva.
Pace, prietene…

-Arlene Carol Brill (Turkey, poet)-


My deepest condolences to your loved ones.
Thank you for being you.

Profundele mele condoleante pentru toti cei dragi tie.
Iti multumesc pentru ca ai ramas tu insuti.
Cu drag,

-Anna Ruiz (U.S.A.,
member of Poets for Human Rights)-


I’m so sorry to hear about your dear parents,
but at least you are a lucky person having the chance
to take care of your dear mother…

Imi pare atat de rau sa aud despre dragii tai parinti,
dar macar esti persoana norocoasa care are sansa
de a avea grija de mama ta draga…

-Hazeen Hasrat (Kashmir, poet)-


Your father’s sudden death must have been a terrible shock,
particularly in such circumstances,
and obviously I am very sorry indeed to hear of it,
and all the additional stress when things were already very difficult.
It must be very hard indeed to cope with it all.
Do appreciate your taking the time and trouble, with all that happening,
to write…

Moartea neasteptata a tatalui tau trebuie ca a fost un soc teribil
si in mod evident imi pare rau sa aflu despre aceasta
si despre tot stress-ul aditional,
cand lucrurile erau deja foarte dificile.
Trebuie sa fie foarte greu sa faci fata la toate.
De apreciat ca, in ciuda a tot ce s-a intamplat,
ai continuat sa iti faci timp sa scrii…

-Steve Sneyd (U.K.,
Director of Hilltop Press)-


I am sorry for your father
and wish you consolation and hope even in such a sad situation.
People like you make "this tragic Earth" better.
"Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?" (The Bible)

Imi pare rau pentru tatal tau
si iti urez consolare si speranta chiar si intr-o atat de trista situatie.
Oameni ca voi fac acest “Pamant tragic” sa fie mai bun.
“O, moarte, unde e victoria ta? O, moarte, unde e intepatura ta?” (Biblia)

-Jeremie Vaubaillon (France / U.S.A.,
Paris Observatory, California Institute of Technology, and Spitzer Science Center)-

Andrei Dorian Gheorghe and Jeremie Vaubaillon
at the International Meteor Conferece in Varna (Bulgaria), September 2004


I'm very sorry to hear about your father,
it's always such a loss to lose a parent.
My parents are still with us, but they are becoming more and more frail.
Wishing you much joy and poetry in the new year,

Imi pare foarte rau sa aud despre tatal tau,
intotdeauna este o disparitie imensa cand iti pierzi un parinte.
Parintii mei sunt cu noi inca, dar devin tot mai fragili.
Iti doresc multa bucurie si poezie in noul an,

-Deborah P. Kolodji (U.S.A.,
President of the Science Fiction Poetry Association)-


My sympathy and condolences.
I have published your tribute poem on my blog.

Compasiunea si condoleantele mele.
Am publicat tributul tau poetic pe blog-ul meu.
Cu drag,

-Mandy Smith (U.K.,
co-organizer of the British haiku blog project)-


I was moved by your tribute!
To remain anonymous and modest in one's pursuits,
I think, does lend something sincere and earnest to a quiet legacy.
Many people are bewitched by the idea of recognition
and without realizing it - put a lot of energy in that direction
and less toward the particular causes.

Am fost miscat de tributul tau!
A ramane anonim si modest in scopurile cuiva,
cred ca imprumuta ceva sincer si serios pentru o mostenire linistita.
Multi oameni sunt vrajiti de ideea recunoasterii si, fara sa o realizeze,
consuma o multime de energie in acea directie
si prea putina pentru cauzele particulare.

-Lynn Alexander (U.S.A.,
member of Poets for Human Rights)-


Very sorry to hear about your father,
a very sad way to end 2007.

Imi pare foarte rau sa aud despre tatal tau,
un fel foarte trist de a incheia anul 2007.

-John Francis Haines (U.K.,
Leader of Eight Hand Gang - British network of SF poets)-


Perhaps now your father is symbolized as a star
in this infinitely shifting evening sky.

Poate ca acum tatal tau este simbolizat ca o stea
in acest infinit si neobosit cer de seara.

-Birgitta Johnsdottir (Iceland,
poet and artist, member of Poets for Human Rights)-


My sincere condolences for the loss of your father.
I understand that these days must have been very sad,
but confronted with the shortness of life,
we are reminded to enjoy our good days
in a creative way.

Sincerele mele condoleante pentru pierderea tatalui tau.
Inteleg ca aceste zile sunt foarte triste,
dar confruntati cu scurtetea vietii
suntem datori sa ne bucuram de zilele noastre bune
intr-un mod creativ.

-Paul Roggemans (Belgium,
the main creator of the International Meteor Organization-


Paul Roggemans and Andrei Dorian Gheorghe on the stage of the Astropoetry Show
of the International Meteor Conference in Bareges (France), June 2007


I am sorry to hear of your loss.
The tribute to your father was wonderful and very moving.

Imi pare rau sa aud despre pierderea ta.
Tributul pentru tatal tau a fost minunat si foarte emotionant.

-David Turner (U.K., poet)-


What a wonderful tribute to your father's life!

Ce tribut minunat pentru viata tatalui tau!

-David Kopaska-Merkel (U.S.A.,
Editor of Dreams and Nightmares - the magazine of fantastic poetry)-


My dear friend…
what you are doing is extraordinary…
Much love,

Dragul meu prieten,
Ceea ce faci tu este extraordinar…
Cu mult drag,

-Larry Jaffe (U.S.A.,
Fouder and Coordinator of Poets for Human Rights)

Photo: Casper ter Kuile (Holland, Dutch Meteor Society)


-to Costica Gheorghe-

We made so great tournaments,
enthusiastic and trustful
in our rebellious dreams
with starry white winged horses

We fought the bulls
of the blind wishes
in heavenly arenas

So many gallantries
exhibited our grace
and tenderness
inviting us to put, triumphant,
our laurels at the foot
of inaccessible and shining Immortality

Today, staying on my astral throne
and remembering all my jokes
I burst into comets,
stormy rains of stars,
and various planets

-lui Costica Gheorghe-

Ce mai turniruri faceam
entuziasti si increzatori
in visele noastre rebele
cu pegasii albi instelati

Cum ne-nfruntam in arenele
cerului, ne-nduratori
cu taurii poftelor oarbe

Si ce de galanterii
etalandu-ne gratia
si-ntreaga tandrete
doar triumfand sa depunem
laurii la picioarele
inaccesibilei Nemuriri stralucind

Astazi, cand trec in revista
din magicu-mi tron sideral
nastrusniciile mele
ma podidesc planete, comete
si ploi viforoase de stele

-Dominic Diamant (Romanian National Astropoetry Award 2007)-

Dominic Diamant reading his verses,
Costica Commemorative Astropoetry Gala, Bucharest Municipal Observatory, 2008-01-19
Photo: Valentin Grigore




Costica… my father and also my best friend…
I have so many memories about
his goodness, benevolence, purity, generosity,
enthusiasm and devotion for
the cause of astro / cosmo-poetry and the people of this group…
especially now, when he is looking at us
from the central picture of this event.
His permanent presence, his curiosity, his spirituality, his special humour,
his will to help, his optimistic advices,
his diligence in going to send my external correspondence
and in carrying my accessories for astropoetry events,
as if he had to take care of the whole Universe…

Costica put so much of his life at the people’s disposal,
one of his frequent questions being:
“What should I do?”
For example,
a big storm endangered the “Perseid 1997” Event on the Voievodes Hill,
many camp participants looking for a shelter
to the nearby monastery.
Only those very courageous remained in tents.
Obviously, Costica (who had turned 70!) preferred
to remain in the camp, asking:
“What should I do?”

Costica was always funny and communicative.
For example,
being a bad English speaker - the official language at the
International Meteor Conference 2000 in Pucioasa (Romania) -,
but a good German speaker,
he accidentally asked just a German participant (who was even
a commission director of the International Meteor Organization):
“Sprechen sie Deutsch?”

Costica had all the time an extremely positive attitude,
and seeing something pure and beautiful he used to say:
“It’s divine.”
For me,
the favorite recognition after the Astropoetry Galas 2000-2006
at the Bucharest Municipal Observatory
(for which he vibrated more than anyone)
was to ask him:
“What do you say about this spectacle?”,
and to hear his answer:
“It was divine.”

Costica never abandoned the noble causes
and was a hero of astropoetry,
not through verses, but through deeds.
For example,
he saved my bearing (as director and main actor)
for the Astropoetry Show (Astroshow) of the International Meteor Conference
in Frombork (Poland), September 2002.
Thus, in the last hour, he ran to my apartment
to take my spectacle equipment, which I had forgotten home,
and appeared with it, exhausted and happy,
to the Bucharest Railway Station
just before the departure of the train good for the SARM team.

In his goodwill, Costica was always unpredictable.
For example,
in July 2005, at the burial of Dr. Harald Alexandrescu (Coordinator of the
Bucharest Municipal Observatory), when all the people were very sad,
Costica came with a surprising and invigorating salute to everybody:
“Have a long life!”

Costica was all the time an original man.
For example,
he lost his earthly identity card just before his death.
Thus, I suppose he received much faster a cosmic citizenship.

Costica always liked not the semblances, but the essential things.
For example,
one day he came home with a new and better clock.
“What is its mark?”, I asked him.
“I don’t know”, was his answer.
“However, what is written on it?”, I insisted.
“Five to nine”, was Costica’s response.

But as his earthly clock has stopped,
I have to add that Costica’s support was extraordinary for all what
we have done in the field of astro / cosmo-poetry,
and from now on, I am sure he will continue to help us in a different way
from his heavenly place.

Costica… tatal meu si totodata cel mai bun prieten…
imi vin atat de multe amintiri despre
bunatatea, bunavointa, candoarea, generozitatea,
entuziasmul si devotamentul lui pentru
cauza astro / cosmo-poeziei si a oamenilor din acest grup…
in special acum, cand el ne priveste
din fotografia centrala a acestui eveniment.
Prezenta lui permanenta, curiozitatea, spiritualitatea, umorul lui deosebit,
dorinta lui de a ajuta, sfaturile sale optimiste,
constiinciozitatea lui in a merge sa-mi trimita corespondenta externa
si in a-mi cara accesoriile pentru evenimentele astropoetice,
de parca trebuia sa aiba grija de intreg Universul…

Costica a pus foarte mult din viata sa la dispozitia oamenilor,
una din intrebarile sale frecvente fiind:
“Eu ce trebuie sa fac?”
De exemplu, o furtuna teribila a periclitat Evenimentul “Perseide 1997”
din Dealul Voievozilor, multi dintre participantii la tabara
cautand adapost la manastirea apropiata.
Numai cei foarte curajosi au ramas in corturi.
Evident, Costica (la 70 de ani!) a preferat
sa ramana in tabara, intreband:
“Eu ce trebuie sa fac?”

Costica a fost intotdeauna hazliu si comunicativ.
De exemplu,
fiind un modest vorbitor de engleza - limba oficiala a Conferintei
Internationale de Meteori 2000 de la Pucioasa (Romania) -,
dar un bun vorbitor de germana,
el l-a intrebat intamplator tocmai pe un participant german (care era
chiar un director de comisie al Organizatiei Internationale de Meteori):
“Sprechen sie Deutsch?”

Costica avea mereu o atitudine extrem de pozitiva,
iar cand vedea ceva pur si frumos obisnuia sa spuna:
“E dumnezeiesc.”
Pentru mine,
recunoasterea favorita dupa Galele de Astropoezie 2000-2006
de la Observatorul Municipal Bucuresti
(pentru care el vibra mai mult decat oricine)
era sa-l intreb:
“Cum ti s-a parut spectacolul?”
si sa aud raspunsul lui:
“A fost dumnezeiesc.”

Costica nu abandona niciodata cauzele nobile
si a fost un erou al astropoeziei,
nu prin versuri, ci prin fapte.
De exemplu,
el mi-a salvat “prestatia” (de director si actor principal)
pentru Astroshow-ul (spectacolul de astropoezie) de la Conferinta
Internationala de Meteori din Frombork (Polonia), din septembrie 2002.
Astfel, in ultima ora, Costica a fugit catre apartamentul meu
sa-mi aduca echipamentul de spectacol, pe care il uitasem acasa,
si a aparut cu el, epuizat si fericit,
in Gara de Nord din Bucuresti,
chiar inainte de plecarea trenului ce trebuia luat de echipa SARM.

In bunavointa sa, Costica era mereu imprevizibil.
De exemplu,
in iulie 2005, la inmormantarea lui Dr. Harald Alexandrescu
(coordonator al Observatorului Municipal Bucuresti), cand fiecare participant era foarte trist,
Costica a aparut cu un salut surprinzator si tonic pentru toata lumea:
“La multi ani!”

Costica a fost intotdeauna un om original.
De exemplu,
el si-a pierdut buletinul de identitate chiar inainte sa moara.
Astfel, presupun ca a obtinut mult mai repede cetatenia cosmica…

Lui Costica nu i-au placut niciodata aparentele, ci esentele.
De exemplu,
intr-o zi a venit acasa cu un ceas nou, mai bun.
“Ce marca este?” - l-am intrebat.
“Nu stiu.” - mi-a raspuns el.
“Totusi, ce scrie pe ceas?” - am insistat.
“Noua fara cinci.” - mi-a raspuns Costica.

Dar pentru ca ceasul lui pamantesc s-a oprit,
trebuie sa adaug ca sprijinul lui Costica a fost extraordinar pentru tot
ceea ce am realizat in domeniul astro / cosmo-poeziei
si sunt sigur ca el ne va ajuta altfel si de acum incolo
din locul sau ceresc.

-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe (Director of SARM’s Cosmopoetry Festival)-

Andrei Dorian Gheorghe speaking about his father,
Costica Commemorative Astropoetry Gala, Bucharest Municipal Observatory, 2008-01-19
Photo: Valentin Grigore


-in the memory of he who has been Costica-

In clear and blue nights,
Thousands of stars show us their splendour,
And in the daytime,
The sun also impresses us.
Thus, the astral harmony
Is always a gate
Open to poetry.

The sun, moon and stars
Have ceaselessly inspired us,
Being sung from old times,
And in each metre of verse
There is a song
About the Universe.

During our existence,
The mirage of the stars and their sublime magic
Are permanent, enchanting invitations
Of the creation.

And when such a poetic man
Leaves this world,
The others continue to sing
The star portal
Because the poem of the astral dreams
Is immortal.

-in amintirea celui ce a fost Costica-

In nopti senine, nopti albastre,
Pe bolta, miile de astre
Ne-arata dulcea lor splendoare,
Iar ziua frematam sub soare
Si-a stelelor minunatie
E-o poarta ce-i deschisa-ntr-una
Spre poezie.

Stelele, soarele si luna
Ne-au inspirat intotdeauna
Si-nca din vremi indepartate
Au fost cantate
Si-n ritmul fiecarui vers
E cantul despre Univers.

In timpul existentei noastre,
Mirajul miilor de astre,
A lor sublima feerie
Va indemna spre poezie.

Si chiar de un poet anume
Va parasi aceasta lume,
Altii vor duce mai departe
Cantecul lor, caci n-are moarte,
Cat vor fi oameni pe Pamant,
Al visului de astre cant.

-Zigmund Tauberg (Romanian National Astropoetry Award 2006)-

 Zigmund Tauberg reading his verses,
Costica Commemorative Astropoetry Gala, Bucharest Municipal Observatory, 2008-01-19
Photo: Valentin Grigore




As the President of SARM,
maybe I should speak elevately,
but Costica was only one and nobody can change him.
I knew him as the father of Andrei Dorian Gheorghe,
but I was surprised to find that he never stayed in the shadow of
the director of the Cosmopoetry Festival.

Costica touched a level almost inaccessible for us
because this level was not called out.
He never told about his realizations.
I simply knew him through what he made for the others and
through his implication to the Perseid events.
This jaunty attitude, this normal attitude was a model.
I never saw him angry,
I never saw him lamenting when he worked in organizing
the International Showrooms of Astronomical Arts, Photos and Publications.
He worked with pleasure at the Perseid camps
and was always ready to help.
Through his opening and through his jokes,
I think he could remain a reference man for us.

I should also tell that he loved his country, he loved the people,
and was a friend of the astronomers.
Although he was persecuted as an “enemy of people” by communists
just because he helped needy people,
Costica never complained of that.
A stature, position and verticality worthy of respect.
These should be models for the young generation.
A man should not call out his own value.
A man must be modest and correct,
living each moment as the last one in life.

Many other things could be told about Costica.
We cannot conceive he is not among us.
Today we have felt his presence here, his spirit floating in this space,
and I believe he will come with us to all our future events.

Finally, I must say that I am glad I have known Costica.

Avand in vedere calitatea mea de presedinte al SARM,
poate ca ar trebui sa vorbesc in termeni speciali,
dar Costica este unul singur si nu poti sa-l schimbi.
L-am cunoscut drept tatal lui Andrei Dorian Gheorghe,
dar am ramas surprins sa vad ca niciodata n-a fost in umbra
directorului Festivalului de Cosmopoezie.

Costica s-a ridicat la un nivel la care noi nu cred ca ne vom ridica vreodata,
pentru ca acest nivel nu era strigat in gura mare.
Costica niciodata nu vorbea despre realizarile din viata lui.
Pur si simplu l-am cunoscut prin prisma a ceea ce facea pentru ceilalti
si prin cat se implica la evenimentele “Perseide”.
Aceasta atitudine dezinvolta, aceasta atitudine normala era un reper.
Nu l-am vazut niciodata suparat,
nu l-am vazut niciodata sa se vaite de ceva cand muncea la organizarea
Saloanelor Internationale de Arte, Fotografii si Publicatii Astronomice.
Muncea cu drag la taberele “Perseide”
si intotdeauna se oferea sa dea o mana de ajutor.
Prin aceasta deschidere a sa si prin copilariile pe care le facea,
cred ca el poate sa ramana in continuare un reper pentru noi.

Ar trebui sa mai fac o referire si la faptul ca el, Costica, a fost un iubitor de tara,
un iubitor de oameni si un prieten al astronomilor.
Desi a fost persecutat de comunisti ca “dusman al poporului”
tocmai pentru ca a ajutat oameni in nevoie,
nu l-am auzit niciodata sa se planga de acest lucru.
O statura, o pozitie si o verticalitate demne de urmat.
Acestea ar trebui sa fie, de fapt, reperele tinerei generatii.
Omul nu trebuie sa-si strige valoarea.
Omul trebuie sa fie cel care este, corect, si sa-si traiasca fiecare clipa
ca si cum ar fi ultima din viata.

S-ar mai putea spune multe despre Costica.
Nici nu putem concepe ca el nu este cu noi.
I-am simtit prezenta si aici, spiritul sau plutind in acest spatiu
si cred ca in continuare va merge cu noi la toate evenimentele noastre viitoare.

In final, nu pot spune decat ca sunt bucuros ca l-am cunoscut pe Costica.

-Valentin Grigore (President of SARM)-

Valentin Grigore as the organizer of Astro-Photo 2002 in Targoviste
Photo: Calin Niculae


-to Costica Gheorghe-

The people are like the skies:
You can see or not their inside stars.

The ignoramuses’ vanity
Is like the smog or like the light pollution
Which dazzle the canopy of heaven.

But other people’s purity
Washes the sky, making it full of mystery.
In their eyes you can see even the farthest galaxy.
There are wiser, seeming to be born
Billions of years ago,
Before the Earth and life.

When such a man dies,
A mountain lake disappears,
And the stars reflected by it in the past
Are fewer, more diffident.

-lui Costica Gheorghe-

Oamenii sunt precum cerurile:
Poti vedea stelele din ei sau nu.

Aerele unor ignoranti
Sunt ca smogul sau lumina artificiala orbitoare
Pentru bolta cereasca.

Dar puritatea altor oameni
Spala bolta, facand-o plina de mister.
In ochii lor vezi chiar si cea mai indepartata galaxie.
Ei sunt mai intelepti, de parca ar fi trait
Miliarde de ani,
Din vremea cand nici Pamantul, nici viata nu aparusera.

Atunci cand un astfel de om moare
Un lac de munte dispare,
Iar stelele pe care noaptea el le reflecta odata
Sunt mai putine, mai timide.

-Ion(ut) Moraru (multiple Romanian laureate for services to astropoetry)-

Ion(ut) Moraru reading his verses,
Costica Commemorative Astropoetry Gala, Bucharest Municipal Observatory, 2008-01-19
Photo: Valentin Grigore





I knew Costica long before the SARM’s events.
We were friends and colleagues in the same communist factory,
our “gulag” for many years.
He was a man of a rare humaneness, a soul of child, very popular,
a friend of all people, an excellent pedagog for young technicians,
and an admirable man of family.
The proof is his resulted fruit.
Usually, a good soul remains alive
and always leaves a continuation…

Pe Costica l-am cunoscut cu mult inainte de evenimentele SARM.
Am fost prieteni si colegi in aceeasi intreprindere comunista,
“gulag”-ul nostru ani de zile.
A fost un om de o rara omenie, un suflet de copil, foarte popular,
prieten cu toata lumea, excelent pedagog pentru tineri tehnicieni
si un om de familie deosebit.
Dovada este fructul lui rezultat.
Intotdeauna sufletul bun ramane viu
si lasa o continuare…

-Dominic Diamant (Romanian National Astropoetry Award 2007)-


When we were children,
there was a great harmony in our house,
and Costica was up to mischief.
I also remember
how finely he drew postcards (when he was a teenager),
how impressively he recited verses by Romanian great poets
at the theatre of his native town of Braila,
making all spectators cry of emotion (when he was a young man),
or how laborious he was all his life.
But at his death I spoke with him
and he didn’t want to answer.
A few days later I shouted after him,
but he didn’t want to answer.
This is his actual mischief.
Costica doesn’t want to answer anymore.

Cand eram copii,
in casa noastra era o armonie nemaipomenita,
iar Costica facea multe pozne.
Imi amintesc de asemenea
cum desena el din creion ilustrate… o frumusete(!), cand era adolescent,
ca in tinerete a fost un recitator grozav
(cand recita poezii de marii nostri poeti la Teatrul Comunal
din Braila, plangea toata sala)
si ca a fost toata viata extraordinar de muncitor.
Dar cand am vorbit cu el la moartea lui,
nu a vrut sa-mi raspunda.
Peste cateva zile, l-am strigat.
Nici atunci n-a vrut sa-mi raspunda.
Aceasta este pozna lui actuala.
Costica nu mai vrea sa raspunda.

-Iulian Gheorghe (Costica’s brother)-


I remember I always saluted him:
“Long live Mr. Costica!”
I’d also like to remember his exceptional qualities,
which he never used to mention.
I knew him through his normality, too.
To remain a normal man after all the communist period
means something exceptional.
And Mr. Costica, an exceptional father and an exceptional husband,
was, is, and will remain
an exceptional man.

Eu intotdeauna i-am spus:
“Sa traiasca dom’ Costica!”
As vrea si eu sa amintesc despre calitatile lui exceptionale,
de care nu facea caz niciodata.
L-am cunoscut de asemenea prin felul lui normal de a fi.
A ramane normal dupa ce ai traversat toata perioada comunista
este un lucru de exceptie.
Iar dom’ Costica, tata de exceptie si sot de exceptie,
a fost, este si va ramane
un om de exceptie.

-Danut Ionescu (re-founder of the magazine Orion 1990-1993
and creator of the Contact Astronomic - Radio Contact - Bucharest
weekly broadcast 1993-1998;
established in New Zealand since 2003)-

Danut Ionescu, come from New Zealand to Romania
to participate at Costica Commemorative Astropoetry Gala
Photo: Valentin Grigore



-Danut Ionescu, photographic poem-


-in the memory of Costica Gheorghe-

-in memoria lui Costica Gheorghe-



I liberate all my thoughts
To take my longing in flight
To carry it in the skies
Through thousands of years of light…


Gandurile mi le las sa zboare
Sa-mi ia doru-n noaptea cea senina
Sa mi-l poarte prin cereasca zare
Printre mii si mii de ani lumina…

-Doina Chilargi-



always collapsed among the stars
always deluded by the false lights
you soul good for all
I’m waiting for your loyalty to me

with the palms close as for a prayer
fighting the existential bog
you soul good for all
come with me over the fog


mereu prabusit printre stele
mereu amagit de false lumini
suflete bun la toate
astept in sfarsit sa mi te-nchini

cu palmele stranse ca-ntr-o rugaciune
te tavalesti prin noroiul vietii
suflete bun la toate
vino cu mine deasupra cetii

-Mircea Alexandru Popa-



Stars fall on Earth,
on trees, leaves, paths…
High pine trees collect winter constellations
in their palms…

Their branches pray
to luminous stars -
Sirius, Rigel, Alcor…
have hidden the winter’s mystery…

It’s snowing heartbreak and longing,
hope and emotion,
on Earth, into hearts,
stories, stellar distances…


Stele cad pe pamant
in pomi, pe frunze, pe poteci…
Brazi inalti aduna in palme
constelatiile de iarna…

Se inchina ramurile lor
la luminosii astrii -
Sirius, Rigel, Alcor…
au ascuns a iernii taina…

Fulguie cu jale si dor,
cu speranta si fior
pe pamant, in inimi,
in povesti, in departari stelare…

-Irina Cristescu-



The deads know better
Than we know:
The sky is so extraordinary
That it deserves to be watched
For eternity


Cei morti
Stiu mai bine decat noi:
Cerul este atat de extraordinar
Incat merita sa-l privesti
O eternitate

-Razvan Ciomartan-



“I shall present my last works
on meteor radioastronomy.”

“I’ll be thinking that,
over your technical presentations,
the sonorous signals of falling stars
are messages from souls
that frolic in the heavens.”


“Voi prezenta lucrarile mele recente
in radioastronomia meteorilor.”

“Ma voi gandi ca,
dincolo de prezentarile tale tehnice,
semnalele sonore de stele cazatoare
sunt mesaje de la suflete
ce zburda prin ceruri.”

-Emil Pasculescu and Andrei Dorian Gheorghe-



From so many stars which perish
on the same cosmic way
the infinite of tomorrow
the infinite of yesterday

another soul is gone
a man with a great vim
we the astropoets
will never forget him

we collect star dust
and put it into verse
name to name to name
man and Universe

he was a good father
and a so dear friend
so we chose for him
a star without end

watching astropoets
and shining in the night
like a man who gives
drops of silver light


Din atatea stele
cate-n Cosmos pier
infinitul maiine
infinitul ieri

s-a mai dus un suflet
nume de om bun
noi, astropoetii
nu-l uitam nicicum

ca a fost parinte
si prieten drag
pentru el alegem
stea dintr-un sirag

ce sclipeste-n noapte
ca un om privind
spre astropoeti
cu picuri de-argint

-Boris Marian-

Romanian sky lovers at Costica Commemorative Astropoetry Gala,
Bucharest Municipal Observatory, 2008-01-19;
Photo: Calin Niculae and Valentin Grigore



Flying to the sunset
to welcome the sunrise…
He passed the dawn’s border
to the Realm
where stars are suns,
and the sky is a path
to the Light,
the unit of measure
for all what is upper than us…

Seen from the heavens,
the Earth looks different.


Zburand spre apus
pentru a intampina rasaritul...
Trecut-a hotarul zorilor
spre Taramul
unde stele sunt sori,
iar cerul carare
spre Lumina,
unitatea de masura
a tot ce-i mai sus decat noi…

Pamantul apare altfel
privit din Cer.

-Valentin Grigore-


The first salve
was a meteor shower.
The second salve
was a comet’s dance.
The third salve
was a supernova’s outburst.

Every time in the middle
of such overwhelming phenomena,
I felt protected
by my father’s mild light:

“There are not
astropoetic funerals.”


Prima salva
a fost un curent de meteori.
A doua salva
a fost dansul unei comete.
A treia salva
a fost izbucnirea unei supernove.

De fiecare data in mijlocul
unor astfel de fenomene coplesitoare,
m-am simtit protejat
de lumina blanda a tatalui meu:

“Nu exista
funeralii astropoetice.”

-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe-

Design: Gabriel Ivanescu
© 2008 SARM
(Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy)