Text: Andrei Dorian Gheorghe
1. Victor Bortas - SARM's "Perseids 1995" Camp participants
(who inspired the characters of this work)
2. Ovidiu Cioroianu - Voievodes Hill, Targoviste, Romania
(the headquarters of SARM's Perseid Camp 1993-1999)
Design: Gabriel Ivanescu

Very impressed by the "Perseids III" Camp (July-August 1995)
of the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy-SARM
(an event founded by Valentin Grigore),
soon after that I wrote three astropoetic dramas:
-"Meteor Hunt" (a realistic one);
-"Suffering in the Universe because of the Meteors" (a fantastic one);
-"The Meteor Victory" (also fantastic).
All of them were published in 1996 in SARM astropoetic supplements
(those in the Romanian were launched
at the first edition of the Cosmopoetry Festival,
July 1996, Targoviste, Romania;
those in the English (translated by Victor Chifelea) were launched
at the International Meteor Conference,
September 1996, Apeldoorn, Holland).
The three astropoetic dramas have inspired other SARM members to write such works,
that determined the American web magazine Astropoetica to publish in 2004
a whole chapter (including six Romanian astropoetic dramas)
in its subdomain
entitled just
(please see LINKS below).

Although "Suffering in the Universe because of the Meteors" was played
at Contact Astronomic - Radio Contact in Bucharest (April 1996)
by Danut Ionescu and Andrei Dorian Gheorghe,
at the International Meteor Conference in Petnica, Yugoslavia (September 1997),
at SARM's Cosmopoetry Festival in Targoviste (August 1998)
and at SARM's "EuRoEclipse Perseids" Event in Targoviste (August 1999)
by Gelu-Claudiu Radu and Andrei Dorian Gheorghe,
and "The Meteor Victory" was played
at SARM's Cosmopoetry Festival in Targoviste (July 1996)
by Danut Ionescu, Lucian Boboc, Paul Boboc, Ioana Coman
and Andrei Dorian Gheorghe,
"Meteor Hunt" remains the first and the most important of them,
and is now published on the web in two languages.


Astropoetic drama by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe
English translation from the Romanian
by Victor Chifelea and Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

Action place:

A large top hosting the tents
of the participants at an astronomical camp. Twilight...

Astropoet (alone):

And yet, Gaia is turning,
Apparently and periodically hiding
Proud Helios.
Because everything is gravity:
Body to body,
Thought to thought,
Soul to soul.
Behind the incandescent star,
Magic traces remain -
The colour of the saving sacrifice.

Man with the Telescope (approaches):

I am a happy porter.
I carry the sky's gate on my back.

Astropoet (looking through the telescope):

Here is the Moon -
Time's relay race.
The eternal golden sentinel
With four predictable phases
And numerous sad craters...
Like a cosmic resignation.

(Voices. A group of persons get close.)

Astropoet (whispers):

Here they are,
The heroes of the night.
Here they are,
The meteor hunters.

Meteor Champion:

Guns are my eyes,
Bullets are my thoughts,
Precision is my love
For the Divine Creation.
The hunt may begin!

Astropoet (for himself):

A bloodless hunt.
The noble hunt of light!

Man with the Telescope (showing enthusiastic the sky):

Look, Jupiter and his sons
Gladly dancing around him!


But about the other mysterious planets?
Of course, they take a bow
To stormy Jupiter.
Rotation almost revolution,
Thermic molecular speeds almost escape speeds,
Volcanic ashes almost normality...
Heavy clouds
And a variable shine
Like a struggling destiny...
Icy poles,
Immense channels
And seas like painted for the dives
Of the cosmic rays...
The belt of asteroids,
Chips of the lost planet Phaeton,
Trying to sustain each other...
Different axial rotation
And wedding rings to eternity...
The retrograde rotation
Of a tormented personality...
Greenish Neptune,
Delusive like a lifeless meadow...
Little icy Pluto,
Last tower and first beacon
Of the solar system...
Even this night
We can see some of them in the sky,
But, as I said,
Bright and great,
Internally energized Jupiter
Is now the diamond of the darkness.

Young Scientist:

I saw the terrific clash:
Shoemaker-Levy, the brave comet,
Attacking the giant planet.
Fighting matter, glorious fireworks,
David crushed by Goliath...
A remarkable sacrifice
For the space show idea!

Miss Reporter (shyly):

Ragged curtains,
Fragile clouds knit and undone in the sky.
But the light of the stars is too strong
And drives them away,
Liberating the infinite high stage.

Lady Teacher (beaming, and keeping a
little dimension object in her hands)

Big surprise!
This meteorite closed in a transparent box
Is older than all of us.
Look and wonder!
It appears
Like an astral amber, isn't it?

(Rumour. The meteorite is passed into everyone's hands
and is observed with the help of some flashlights.)

Meteor Champion (looking at it meditative):

Sometime a martyr in the void
As a meteoroid,
Then burned by the atmosphere
Like a pyre...
And now... the former glaring meteor
Is just a poor stone fallen from space!

Old Scientist (stumbles and then gets up,
helped by the others)

I frequently forget our world
Because my truth is above it,
Beyond the comets -
Gambolling agglomerations of dust and gas,
Cold and bright hopes.
It circulates on a constant line,
From supernova (a supreme fire)
To black hole (an absence in the void).

Astrophotographer (adjusting his camera):

I catch the gestures of the Universe
In two static dimensions
And I make them my prisoners
For ever.

Child (agitated):

A fireball! A fireball!

(A torrent of applauses and exclamations.)

Student (enlivened):

It was a celestial Moby Dick!

(Gradually, the characters become silent.)

Meteor Champion (sighs):

The co-ordination of this kind of hunt
Is not easy.
I would call it
Synchronism of unseen wings.

Doctor in Astronomy:

I think the sky is more important
Than anything,
If it is clear.
Only this could be the corridor
To our Paradise!

Eccentric Astronomer:

I'm interested in something else.
Why is the roulette of the sky
Just blue-black?


I looked at the sky map
With fascinating worlds:
Aquatic, flying, mythic, heroic...
A magnificent Fauna...
An unreal Exhibition of Objects...
How many of them would be seen
In the cosmic gamble of Terra?

(The characters scrutinize the sky.)


Here is Polaris! And Ursa Minor too!
Every time when I see them,
I feel like Christopher Columbus
In a sweet sail to the sky!


Here is Ursa Major!
It's all I know about astronomy
Because I am a rich and ignorant materialist.
However, Ursa Major is the canvas
That I'll buy, some day, from space!

Young Scientist:

Here is the Summer Triangle!
Lyra, Cygnus, Aquila,
A triangle launching its tips:
Vega, Deneb, Altair...
Here is orange Arcturus
And russet Antares,
Two great guardians
Sending fabulous signs.

Old Scientist:

Here is the Milky Way,
A river watering voluptuous territories:
Perseus, Cassiopeia, Cygnus,
Aquila, Scorpius, Sagittarius...
Here is the Milky Way
With sensual stars,
Super-mermaids more faithful
Than any woman!

Stranger (amazed):

I come from another country to discover
The same constellation Sagittarius
And other human loves
For the same astral pillars:
Kaus, Ascella, Nunki...

Astroarchitect (looking through a lunette):

Matter is everywhere the same -
Tender constructive substance.
However, the night architecture
Thrills me
With its secretive symmetries!
Look, thousands and thousands of
Castles of light, which amaze us!
Their foundations -
Our living eyes!

Eccentric Astronomer (taking the same lunette and caressing it):

Dear small telescope!
I dedicate
A bashful ode to you!
I thought you are witchcraft
Until I learned to build you.
And now? How should I call you?
Revelatory jumping board?
Or, simply, a leap idea?

Meteor Champion (stretched on his back):

A greenish meteor,
The trophy of the night,
20 degrees from the zenith,
Near the splendid star Albireo.
Magnitude: -3.5.
Duration: 5-6 seconds.
Trajectory length: 30 degrees.
A stifled ballast broken
At the half of its road,
Greedily stolen by the night.
Finally, a new unequal fragmentation,
Like a confusion,
Two different intentions
In the same body.
Impression? A gentle fall,
A leaf in eternity.
The meteor dimension:
Over two diameters of Jupiter.
It's true, the astro-appearances
Often delude us,
But there is so much charm in them!

Astroassistant (noting the Champion's observations):

Though I'm an anonymous person,
I give something from my life to the
Pen, notebook and glow worm lantern.
I protect with my whole being
The sacred correspondence
Given us from the heights!

(A short period of silence.)

Astrophotographer (watching the agglomerated sky):

Space falsifier,
Damned artificial satellite!
What a defiant parade!

Doctor in Astronomy:

Do not say that!
It's just a human form
To count higher in the Universe!

Astronomy Popularizer (looking through the telescope):

Slow your voice, Doctor!
You're frightening my stars!

Schoolgirl (jumping happy):

A Sporadic! A Sporadic!

Miss Astrosecretary (melancholic):

A shooting star...
Like a love on Earth!

Old Scientist:

Love on Earth?
A risky variant for a respectable astronomer.
My celestial love, much better,
Is sad Andromeda.
If I would be Perseus
To save her!

Schoolgirl (inspired):

I'd like to be Cygnus,
To fly with my star body!

Astronomy Popularizer:

My cosmic model is
Wintery Orion.
A proud, bright head
On strong shoulders,
Pointed by white Bellatrix
And red variable Betelgeuse...
A fine belt in which
Mintaka is the emblem...
And his long legs Saiph and Rigel
Always waiting for a space run...
And his soul,
A charming florescent nebula,
A mystery in pompous development!
New stars will shine there
Long after our disappearance,
But (who knows?) maybe some day
We shall be born again
Even among them!

Meteor Champion (exclaims):

Three Perseids!
Blue, yellow, green...
A tricolor of meteors,
A feeble republic
In the Creator's Kingdom!

Meteor Vice-Champion (standing up):

I remember another marvellous night.
I didn't care of the ice and frost of December
And I was recompensed for this
With suspended ambrosia of Geminids,
Adorned by nectar of Monocerotids,
Comma Berenicids, Orionids, Hydrids
And Sporadics!

Lady Teacher:

My pupils consider me
Not too lively,
But today I hunted
A lot of respectable meteors.
A superb performance for my age,
Which demonstrates I'm still
A vigorous sportswoman!

Eccentric Astronomer:

One day, a believer said to me
That all lives should be protected.
I asked him:
"But what if one of them,
As ignorant as hunger,
Ferociously attacks you?"
And the Wiseman said nothing.
We are hunters of falling stars,
So we could be absolved.
But what would be the fair limit
Of a hunt?

(Silence again because of tiredness.
After a while...)

Young Astrojournalist:

I looked all this year at the sky
And I think the stars speak
Friendly languages...
Regulus, Sirius, Aldebaran...
noble personalities
Always waiting for an interview...

Young Astroaccountant:

Yes, the stars of the year...
Canopus, Achernar, Capella
And other thousands or billions...
I think they don't want to be typed in classes,
But in starry accounts...

Young Astromusician:

Every star is a musical note in space,
Which is a strange stave.
Some day I hope to conduct
The immense overture
Of meta-symphony...

Young Astro-rocker:

My protest against
The world rule
Is diluted when I watch
The celestial order.
It is like ponderous matter among the galaxies,
Because I would give my guitar at anytime
For the higher Lyre!

Man with the Telescope (grim):

Oh, my instinct!
It tells me that Comet d'Arest is close.
I cannot see its nucleus, its mane, or its tail,
The lasso of my telescope is too short,
But I feel its frightened breath
Of virtual prey!

Doctor in Astronomy:

D'Arest is just a pony.
The true speeder is Halley.
I am a temperate man, but I remember
When I visually caught that Comet...
My fellows were naturally amazed
By my desperate cry:
My inaccessible space horse!"

Old Scientist (critical):

No comets, no comments!
Today is still the night of the meteors -
Their relatives
For our conventional astroillusions.

Astronomy Popularizer (excited, to space):

Here are sublime Alcyone and the Pleiades,
The night pollen...
From the pearls of pain!

Schoolboy, Schoolgirl and Child (coming near Meteor Champion):

Tell us, please,
About the most beautiful fireball
In your life!

Meteor Champion (standing up and taking a deep breath):

It was a so proud blue meteor,
That it provoked an incredible shock wave
In the atmosphere,
Visible like a circle arc.
In fact, I think it was an
Incomparable, shining form
Of celestial triumph!

(Gradually, activities cease, stars disappear, and astronomers
gather the instruments and return to their tents and chalet.)

Astropoet (alone):

The hunters should be content:
They fully accumulated
From the enigmatic light of the night.
No money, no glory,
Just a supernatural love,
Just a transcendental fidelity.

(He looks at the east and continues.)

The sky is catching fire
With the colour of the saving sacrifice.
Helios will come again.
And us...
Body to body,
Thought to thought,
Soul to soul...

Solar Astronomer's Spirit (a supernatural appearance):

I dedicated my whole life
To the solar observations.
Miraculous balm of energy and light,
He, the Sun, vitally pulsates through the
Photosphere, cromosphere and crown.
His lots of spots are doubts;
On the contrary,
His prominences are enthusiastic impulses.
But today,
Many of my former students
Aim at further suns in the night.
I bless them from my world
And I thank the Creator
For the celestial food.

(He disappears.)

Astropoet (moved):

Oh, the Sun!
The Creator's representative
For our system!
And his divine protection -

- August-September 1995 -








Drama astropoetica de Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

Locul actiunii:

O culme inalta ce gazduieste corturile participantilor
la o tabara de astronomie. Crepuscul…

Astropoetul (apare primul):

Si totusi, Geia se-nvarteste,
Ascunzandu-l permanent si ciclic
Pe mandrul Helios.
Fiindca totu-i gravitatie:
Corp langa corp,
Gand langa gand,
Suflet langa suflet…
In urma astrului incandescent
Raman magice urme,
Culoarea sacrificiului mantuitor.

Omul cu Telescopul (apropiindu-se):

Sunt un hamal fericit.
Duc poarta cerului in spate.

Astropoetul (privind prin telescop):

Iata si luna,
A timpului stafeta.
Paznic de aur, aproape etern,
Cu patru chipuri previzibile
Si numeroare cratere triste…
Ca o resemnare cosmica.

(Se aud voci. Apare un grup de oameni.)

Astropoetul (discret):

Iata-i, eroii noptii!
Iata-i, vanatorii de meteori!

Campionul Meteorilor:

Arme imi sunt ochii,
Gloante imi sunt gandurile,
Precizie imi este dragostea
Pentru Creatia Divina.
Vanatoarea poate incepe.

Astropoetul (pentru sine):

O vanatoare fara sange.
Nobila vanatoare a luminii!

Omul cu Telescopul (aratand entuziast spre cer):

Priviti, Jupiter cu fiii
Dansand in jurul lui cu bucurie!


Dar celelalte enigmatice planete?
Desigur, lui Jupiter cel furtunos
I se inclina.
Rotatie aproape revolutie,
Viteze termice moleculare aproape viteze de evadare,
Cenusa vulcanica aproape normalitate…
Nori grei
Si stralucire variabila
Ca un destin tumultuos…
Calote polare de gheata,
Si mari colorate
Pentru plonjonul razelor cosmice…
Cordonul de asteroizi,
Cioburi ale planetei Phaeton,
Cercand sa se sustina reciproc…
Rotatie axiala diferita
Si inele de logodna cu eternitatea…
Rotatie retrograda
De personalitate angoasata…
Neptun verzuiul,
amagitor ca o pajiste fara viata…
Micul Pluto inghetatul,
Ultimul turn si-ntaiul far
Al sistemului solar…
Unele se vor vedea pe cer
Chiar in aceasta noapte,
Dar, cum spuneam,
Stralucitor si mare,
Intern energizatul Jupiter
E diamantul intunericului!

Savantul Tanar:

Am vazut marea ciocnire:
Schoemaker-Levy, brava cometa,
Atacandu-l pe urias.
Materie in lupta, artificii glorioase,
David zdrobit de Goliat…
Un sacrificiu remarcabil
Pentru ideea de spectacol spatial!

Reportera (timida):

Cortine zdrentuite,
Nori fragili se impletesc si se desfac pe cer.
Insa lumina stelelor e prea puternica,
Departe alungandu-i,
Inalta scena infinita liberand.

Profesoara (apare radioasa, tinand in maiini
un obiect de mici dimensiuni):

Surpriza mare!
Acest meteorit inchis intr-o cutie transparenta
E mai batran decat noi toti!
Priviti-l si va minunati!
Nu e asa ca pare
Un chihlimbar astral?

(Se starneste rumoare, in timp ce meteoritul este plimbat din mana
in mana si privit cu pietate la lumina micilor lanterne.)

Campionul Meteorilor (privindu-l meditativ):

Martir al vidului candva
Ca meteoroid,
Aprins apoi de atmosfera
Ca un rug,
Din meteorul orbitor ajuns-a
O biata piatra spatiala prabusita!

Savantul Varstnic (se impiedica si cade,
apoi se ridica, ajutat de ceilalti):

De multe ori scap din vedere lumea noastra,
Fiindca adevarul meu este deasupra,
Dincolo de comete,
Zburdalnice aglomerari de praf si gaz,
Sperante reci si luminoase.
El circula pe-o linie constanta,
De la supernova, foc suprem,
La gaura neagra, vartej in vid.

Astrofotograful (potrivindu-si aparatele):

Prind gesturile Universului
In doua statice dimensiuni,
Le fac prizoniere
Pe vecie…

Copilul (agitandu-se):

Un bolid! Un bolid!

(Se aud aplauze si exclamatii.)

Studentul (inveselit):

A fost un Moby Dick ceresc!

(Treptat, spiritele se linistesc.)

Campionul Meteorilor (oftand):

Coordonarea unei vanatori de acest fel
Nu e deloc usoara.
Eu as numi aceasta
Sincronizare de aripi nevazute.

Doctorul in Astronomie:

Eu cred ca mult mai important
E cerul,
Daca e senin.
Numai acesta poate fi culoarul
Spre Paradisul nostru.

Astronomul Excentric:

Pe mine insa ma intereseaza altceva.
De ce-i ruleta cerului


Privit-am harta cerului
Cu fascinante lumi:
Acvatice, Zburatoare, Mitice, Eroice…
O Fauna mareata…
O ireala Expozitie de Obiecte…
Cate din ele azi se vor vedea
In jocul cosmic de noroc al Terrei?

(Personajele scruteaza cerul, in picioare sau intinse pe spate)


Iata Polara si Carul Mic!
De fiecare data cand le vad,
Drept Cristofor Columb ma-nchipui,
In dulce navigare catre cer.


Iata si Carul Mare!
E tot ce stiu despre astronomie,
Fiindca sunt un materialist bogat si ignorant.
Si totusi, Carul Mare e tabloul pe care
Mi-l voi cumpara, candva, din Cosmos!

Savantul Tanar:

Iata Triunghiul de Vara!
Lira, Lebada, Vulturul,
Un triunghi oarecare lansandu-si varfurile:
Vega, Deneb, Altair…
Iata portocaliul Arcturus
Si roscatul Antares,
Doi mari strajeri,
Semnale fabuloase transmitand…

Savantul Varstnic:

Iata Calea Lactee,
Un fluviu ce uda voluptoase teritorii:
Perseu, Cassiopeia, Lebada,
Vulturul, Scorpionul, Sagetatorul…
Iata Calea Lactee
Cu senzuale stele,
Supersirene mai fidele
Decat orice femeie!

Strainul (uluit):

Sosesc din alta tara
Ca sa descopar acelasi Sagetator,
Alte iubiri umane
Pentru aceleasi pitoane astrale:
Kaus, Ascella, Nunki…!

Astroarhitectul (privind printr-o luneta):

Materia e peste tot aceeasi,
Tandra substanta constructiva.
Si totusi, cu simetriile-i ascunse,
Arhitectura noptii
Frisoane imi provoaca!
Iata tasnind castele de lumina,
Mii si mii!
Ochii nostri vii!

Astronomul Excentric (preluand aceeasi luneta si mangaind-o):

Luneta draga!
Tie iti dedic
O preasfioasa oda!
Vrajitorie te-am crezut
Pana ce-am invatat cum sa te construiesc.
Si-acuma? Cum sa-ti spun?
Revelatoare trambulina?
Sau, simplu, idée de salt?

Campionul Meteorilor (intins pe spate):

Un meteor verzui,
Trofeul noptii
La 20 de grade de zenit,
Chiar langa steaua Albireo!
Magnitudine: -3.5.
Durata: 5-6 secunde.
Lungimea drumului: 30 de grade.
La jumatatea drumului,
Din el s-a rupt un sufocat balast,
Lacom furat de noapte.
O noua fragmentare inegala in final,
Ca o deruta,
Doua intentii diferite
In acelasi corp.
Impresia? Cadere lina,
Frunza-n infinit.
Marimea meteorului:
La peste doua diametre jupiteriene.
E drept ca astroaparentele
Ne amagesc adeseori,
Dar cata poezie-n ele!

Astroasistentul (notand observatiile Campionului):

Desi sunt anonim,
Insufletesc stiloul, carnetul
Si lanterna-licurici.
Apar cu-ntreaga mea fiinta
Corespondenta sacra
Ce din inalturi ni se da!

(Urmeaza o scurta perioada de tacere.)

Astrofotograful (pandind cerul aglomerat):

Ah, falsificator de spatiu,
Blestemat satelit artificial!
Ce defilare-provocare!

Doctorul in Astronomie:

Nu spune asta!
E doar umana forma
De a conta mai sus in Univers!

Popularizatorul de Astronomie (privind prin telescop):

Incetineste-ti vocea, Doctore,
Ca-mi sperii stelele!

Eleva (sarind in picioare):

Un Sporadic! Un Sporadic!

Astrosecretara (melancolica):

O stea cazatoare…
Ca o iubire pamanteasca!

Savantul Varstnic:

Iubire pamanteasca?
Riscanta varianta pentru un respectabil astronom.
Celesta-mi dragoste, mai sigura,
E trista Andromeda.
De-as fi Perseu
Ca sa o pot salva!

Eleva (cu insufletire):

Iar eu chiar Lebada as vrea sa fiu,
Sa pot zbura cu trupul meu de stele!

Popularizatorul de Astronomie:

Mie, cosmic model
Imi este Orionul cel iernatec.
Un mandru cap stralucitor
Peste puternici umeri,
Punctati de alba Bellatrix
Si rosia Betelgeuse cea variabila…
Un strasnic brau in care
Mintaka e emblema…
Si lungile-i picioare Saiph si Rigel,
Mereu in asteptarea goanei spatiale…
Iar sufletu-i,
Fermecatoare nebuloasa fluorescenta,
Mister in fastuoasa dezvoltare…
Noi vom fi disparuti demult
Cand stele noi vor straluci acolo,
Dar, cine stie,
Poate-ntr-o zi
Renaste-vom chiar printre ele!

Campionul Meteorilor (exclama):

Trei Perseide!
Albastru, galben, verde…
Un tricolor de meteori,
Republica plapanda
In Regatul Creatorului!

Vicecampionul Meteorilor (ridicandu-se si incercand sa se dezmorteasca):

Imi amintesc o alta noapte minunata!
Gheata si frigul din Decembrie nu imi pareau
Demne de luat in seama
Si fost-am rasplatit pentru aceasta
De ambrozia suspendata a Geminidelor,
Nectarian impodobita de Monocerotide,
Coma Berenicide, Orionide, Hydride si Sporadici!


Elevii ma considera
Nu prea vioaie,
Dar astazi am vanat
Mai multe zeci de meteori.
Spendida performanta pentru varsta mea:
Se demonstraza ca inca am ramas
O vajnica sportiva!

Astronomul Excentric:

Candva, un Credincios mi-a spus ca toate
Vietatile ar trebui sa fie ocrotite.
Atunci l-am intrebat:
“Dar daca una dintre ele,
La fel de ignoranta ca si foamea,
Feroce te ataca!”
Si Inteleptul a tacut.
Noi suntem vanatori de stele cazatoare,
Asa ca am putea fi absolviti.
Si totusi, care sa fie limita corecta
A vanatorii?

(Din nou tacere; oboseala incepe sa-si intre in drepturi.)

Tanarul Astrojurnalist:

Privit-am indelung la cerul anului
Si mi-a parut ca stelele
Vorbesc prietenoase limbi:
Regulus, Sirius, Aldebaran…
Nobile personalitati ce-asteapta
Sa fie intervievate.

Tanarul Astrocontabil:

Da, cerul anului…
Canopus, Achernar, Capella
Si alte mii sau miliarde…
Din contra, mie-mi par ca vor sa fie incadrate
Nu-n clase, ci-n conturi stelare.

Tanarul Astromuzician:

Fiece stea este o nota muzicala
In spatiu, straniul portativ.
Visez sa pot solfegia, candva,
Macar imensa uvertura
A metasimfoniei…

Tanarul Astrorocker:

Protestul meu contra
Organizarii lumii pamantesti
Se dilueaza-n fata
Ordinii ceresti
Precum materia-ntre galaxii,
Fiindca mi-as inlocui oricand chitara
Cu preinalta Lira…

Omul cu Telescopul (indarjit):

Ah, instinctual meu!
Cometa d’Arest e aproape.
Nu-i vad nucleul, coama, coada,
Lassoul telescopului imi e prea scurt,
Dar ii presimt suflarea speriata
De prada virtuala!

Doctorul in Astronomie:

O, d’Arest e doar un ponei.
Adevaratul vitezist e Halley.
Sunt un om sobru, insa retin
Cand am surprins Cometa…
Prietenii au fost uimiti, fireste,
De al meu strigat disperat:
Inaccesibilul meu cal de spatiu!”

Savantul Varstnic (critic):

Fara comete, fara comentarii!
Azi a fost noaptea meteorilor,
Fratii lor mai mici
Intru astroiluzii conventionale!

Popularizatorul de Astronomie (emotionat, catre spatiu):

Iata… sublima Alciona si Pleiadele!
Polenul noptii…
Din perlele durerii!

Eleva, Elevul si Copilul (venind langa Campionul Meteorilor):

Te rugam,
Descrie-ne cel mai frumos bolid
Al vietii tale!

Campionul Meteorilor (ridicandu-se si respirand adanc):

A fost un albastru meteor atat de falnic,
Incat a provocat in atmosfera
O incredibila unda de soc,
Vizibila precum un arc de cerc.
In fapt, cred ca a fost
O lucitoare si neegalata
Forma de triumf ceresc!

(Treptat, activitatile se reduc, stelele se sting, astronomii
isi strang instrumentele si se intorc la cabana si in corturi.)

Astropoetul (ramas singur):

Ce multumiti sunt vanatorii,
Ei au acumulat din plin
Lumina tainica a noptii!
Nu glorie, nu bani,
Ci doar o dragoste suprafireasca,
Doar o fidelitate transcendenta!

(Priveste lung catre est si continua.)

S-a reaprins pe cer
Culoarea sacrificiului mantuitor.
Veni-va Helios din nou.
Iar noi…
Corp langa corp,
Gand langa gand
Si suflet langa suflet.

Spiritul Astronomului Solar (o aparitie supranaturala):

Mi-am dedicat intreaga viata
Solarei observari.
Miraculos balsam de energie si lumina,
El, Soarele, vital pulseaza
Prin fotosfera, cromosfera si coroana.
Multimile-i de pete sunt indoieli;
Protuberantele-i, in schimb,
Porniri entuziaste.
Dar azi, multi din urmasii mei
Tintesc spre sorii mai indepartati,
In noapte.
Ii binecuvantez din lumea mea
Si Creatorului ii multumesc
Pentru cereasca hrana.


Astropoetul (tulburat):

Ah, Soarele,
Reprezentantul Creatorului
Pentru Sistemul nostru!
A sa protectie divina -

- august-septembrie 1995 -

(c) 2007 SARM
(Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy)