-by Dan Mitrut-

clouds and stars
the bread for the light
closer to any dream

the holo-motion touches
the crossroads
of the galaxy

all our thoughts
are the holiday
of a black hole

and our hearts
are a meteor shower
without a main radiant


-photo-series by Valentin Grigore-

If I lose the sky,
then take me, God, by a leg
and throw me back to it…
-Catalin Bunofschi-

Sky… screen for
heavenly bodies and atmospheric phenomena -
the most fascinating movie
-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe-


-by Dominic Diamant-

In the overflowing twilight,
which opens large gates to the night,
my treasurers dress
the clothes of the hoarfrost.

It is an atomic sadness,
the bugle of the illusion keeps quiet,
the greedy mouths of the cold
fumble and touch me,
the planets carry their enigmas
frozen by silence,

and over all these wonders
the night comes with
its starry rake.


-photo by Catalin Timosca-


-by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe-

We don’t need glory,
we don’t follow any great hit,
we just want astronomy
for soul and for spirit.


“ASTRO 2009”
(the National Symposium “Love the Sky”,
the Closing Ceremony of “100 Hours of Astronomy” and “Galilean Nights”
in Romania,
and SARM’s National Conference,
organized by the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy (SARM)
at the Dambovita History Museum in Targoviste
and the Stejarul-Margineanca Camp, November 27-29)
-photos by Valentin Grigore, Dimitrie Olenici, Adrian Apostol,
Ciprian Gurgu, Adriana Nicolae and Alexandru Sebastian Grigore;
artworks by high school students
from the “Quantum” astronomical circle, Solca-

Those who love the sky
cannot be imprisoned
by any artificial barrier
because the sky is
the supreme creation…
-Valentin Grigore
(event organizer and President of SARM, Targoviste)-

-from Jennie McCormick (New Zealand,
Global Coordinator of “100 Hours of Astronomy”)

Hello Romania -
I am Jennie McCormick from Auckland, New Zealand.
In December 2008,
I took on the role as the 100 Hours of Astronomy Project Coordinator,
and what an exciting role that turned out to be! -
I learnt more about geography,
the diversity of our planet’s people including the beauty of its countries,
than I ever did during my many years at school.
I can say with a proud heart that I was very privileged to be involved
with 100 Hours of Astronomy.
I was quite honestly moved to tears as I watched the event unfold in April
from my home computer here in Auckland New Zealand.
I felt so humbled to see thousands of dedicated Amateur and Professional astronomers
take to the streets to highlight the wonders of astronomy
to so many millions of citizens worldwide.
I will never forget seeing the incredible images being posted
from 100 Hours of Astronomy events coming in from around the world -
I am sure you will remember,
the camel train on the hot and dusty streets of India;
100 telescopes for 100 hours in China;
or the dessert star party in a remote area of Chile .
My all time favorite image was that of the Algerian celebration held inside a mosque
as the rain fell around them.
The sights were amazing and I am sure we will all never forget them,
I certainly know I won’t. 100 Hours Of Astronomy 2009,
was and still is,
the Single Largest Science Public Outreach Event ever held
and this was due solely to the thousands of
dedicated Amateur and Professional astronomers
who came together in April to celebrate, share and show case
this science we love so much.
Thank you everyone and have a wonderful conference,
I only wish I could have been there to meet you all.

Jennie signing out from a very windy Auckland, New Zealand 

-from Mike Simmons (U.S.A.,
Founder and President of Astronomers Without Borders,
Co-President of “100 Hours of Astronomy”,
and Advisor of “Galilean Nights”)-

This is Mike Simmons,
co-chair of the 100 Hours of Astronomy cornerstone project
of the International Year of Astronomy 2009.
I'm delighted to be able to welcome all the participants to this symposium
dedicated to the two big observing events of the international year -
100 Hours of Astronomy and Galilean Nights.
100 Hours of Astronomy was a historic event.
It was the first time anything of its kind had been on this kind of a scale.
And it was a spectacular success,
thanks to people like you who planned events and recruited people,
advertised and came out and held your events all around the world.
And it was too good to be just a memory.
I’d like to tell you that there will be an announcement about a follow-up event
in 2010, in April,
and I hope you’ll be able to join us at that time, once again,
as we celebrate astronomy.

-from Magda Stavinschi
(former Director of the Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy,
retired President of the “Commission 46”of the International Astronomical Union,
single point of contact for the International Year of Astronomy in Romania)-

Dear Lovers of the Cosmos:

Firstly, I express my regret that I cannot participate at this meeting,
which marks the beginning of the closing ceremonies
of the International Year of Astronomy in Romania.
An important conference (“Mathematics and Astronomy - a Joint Long Journey”)
and a course for teachers in the Comenius program,
both of them in Madrid,
block me to come to Targoviste for your event.

But, although physically so far, I continue to be close
to the activities of the astronomers from Romania,
especially to those who participate at the Targoviste event,
organized by SARM and its enthusiastic president Valentin Grigore.

2009 has been a hard year for us, but full of satisfactions.

Hard because the multitude and the diversity of the activities
specific to the world celebration of the IYA
have solicited us, physically and financially,
and our joint efforts to obtain the budget necessary for honorable activities
have remained without any answer.
But we have to learn something from obstacles.
We should be more united, professionals and amateurs together,
in order to touch our goal:
a better knowledge of the Universe,
for our joy and for the joy of the new generation that learn the alphabet of astronomy
and that will be decisive for the future of our planet.

Many, and beneficial for all of us:
from the people following our call to the echoes in mass-media,
and to international awards received by SARM
(from the International Astronomical Union)
and by Romanian participants at the Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad.
Thus, it seems that the town of Targoviste (where SARM has its headquarters)
competes for the place of the Capital of Romanian astronomy.

I congratulate all of you, and wait you for other events,
in which we shall analyze results and shall think of what we have to do from now on.

2009 is a threshold for Astronomy.
If we know to pass over it, we win for the good of our planet.
Best wishes,
Magda Stavinschi

If we love the children,
then we have the duty to make them
watch the skies.
And this is possible,
so let’s do it all the time…
-Ilie Cosovanu
(teacher, Solca)-

In my lessons,
I use to associate ideas about the cosmos and life
in order to entertain the children
and to make them put more astronomical questions…
-Dimitrie Olenici
(Planetarium Suceava)-

It is very important
to study in high schools
the mysteries of the Universe…
-Ionut Enache, Laura Necuta, Anca Cristina Gogoncea
(teachers, Pitesti)-

Follow Galileo Galilei
in my town!
-Octavian Georgescu
(teacher, Craiova)-

Last year when we went
to the SARM National Conference,
we lost the road
because of a Jupiter-Venus conjunction…
-Daniel Dumitru
(student, Tulcea)-

is something amazingly beautiful.
If I’d be able,
I’d convince all the young people
to watch the skies…
-Liviu Petrisor Firisevici
(high school student, Solca)-

Our cultural town
needs more astronomy…
-Danut Ciprian Gurgu
(student, Iasi)-

When we were at a NASA course
in Alabama,
we felt like
in a parallel, fascinating world…
-Gilda Schindler and Mariana Osman
(teachers, Ploiesti)-

I am proud I coordinated a Space Week event
unique in my county…
-Laurentiu Cornel Tandarica
(high school student, Slatina)-

When I am stressed
and look by telescope at a deep sky object,
I feel I become
enlightened and peaceful…
-Minodora Carmen Lipcanu
(astronomical coordinator of Children’s National Palace, Bucharest)-

Astronomy means
to think of light connections
winged by stars…
-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe
(editor of, Bucharest)

Come to our planetarium
to love astronomy in our way…
-Ionut Dragoi
(Planetarium Pitesti)-

I’ve remarked that
the astronomical observations
call the schoolboys rather to inventiveness
and the schoolgirls rather to poetry…
-Dorina Luchian
(teacher, Iasi)-

The atmosphere of this SARM symposium is impressive,
and, although the assistance does not seem too numerous,
behind the participants
there is the force
of a few hundreds or even thousands of sky lovers…
-Anca Spiridon
(“Cutezatorii” magazine, Ploiesti)-

Rain - a music.
Snow - a ballet.
Falling stars - accomplishments of the being.
-Irina Nicolae
(high school student, Targoviste)-

If you want to keep young amateurs
close to astronomy,
then you have to walk them
in unpolluted places
and to give them to smell by telescope
at least a galaxy…
-Ciprian Grigorescu
(amateur astronomer, Targoviste)-

Astronomy is something that
makes you want to learn more,
plus the sensation to see
a falling star…
-Vlad Macare
(“Cutezatorii” magazine, Ploiesti)-

If we love the constellations,
then we can easily imagine that
Sagittarius is a pretty girl…
-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe
(editor of, Bucharest)-

I believe in astronomy,
so if I fail,
then I’ll be a humble man…
-Constantin Movileanu
(amateur astronomer, Targoviste)-

Astronomy is
much more than a science
because we are
dust of stars…
(high school student, Pitesti)-

The International Year of Astronomy
has been a threshold
through which we have passed
over the horizon line…
-Valentin Grigore
(event organizer and President of SARM, Targoviste)-


-by Adrian Sima-

There is no flight
comparable with
the closing of eyelids
in front of the sky…


-photos by Valentin Grigore-

International Year of Astronomy -
heavenly consciousness for humanity…
-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe-

International Year of Astronomy -
high steps… over the clouds… in infinity…
-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe-

International Year of Astronomy -
crown for each sky lover (like you and like me)…
-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe-


-by Emil Ianus-

All the things that move in space,
from atoms to stars,
have senses
like rhymes in verses,
and all of them run
from the primordial moment,
from that new-born time and myth,
to fill the infinite…


-photo by Valentin Grigore-


-by Dominic Diamant-

My soul,
synchronized with the deep mystery,
dares to fly in the space
of boundless worlds.

Micro and macro, very thirsty,
it is not disturbed
knowing that all is ephemeral,
and there is a limit
in all that is born, lives , vibrates, thrashes about,
and dies.

It looks for delights,
dances with the stars,
does not ignore any aspect,
and quivers with the galaxy.

It feels it is immortal
in any lived moment,
and burns and pulsates
with a maximal intensity.

My soul from love
lightens the darkness
as a praise and a sacrifice
for the divine harmony.


-by Valentin Grigore-

1. Orion Among Clouds

2. Mars And Regulus In The Sea Of Clouds

3. Capella Among Coloured Veils