In 2 December 2006,
more localities from North America and Europe organized readings
for the international project Poets for Human Rights,
founded in USA by the famous poet Larry Jaffe and Stazja McFadyen.
SARM was the local organizer for such a reading
(accompanied by Dan Mitrut’s astrofolk music)
during its annual national astronomical conference
at the Vanatorul Camp in the Bucegi Mountains.
The anthology of that reading was initially published in the first web site
of the project, along with Larry Jaffe’s appreciation
“these incredible Romanian poets”.
Here is that anthology, supplemented with
an introduction by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe
(including some of his poems published in 2006 in the first mailing list of the project)
and two photographs taken during that event.


Organizer: Valentin Grigore
Coordinator: Andrei Dorian Gheorghe



People could be better
if they would really take care
of the whole universe
given us by the Creator,
so to fight for human rights
means also to fight for
rights of flowers, trees,
birds and animals,
and rights of heavenly bodies
and celestial phenomena.

Cosmically thinking,
the Sky is our father,
Terra is our mother,
we are brothers and sisters,
so to fight for human rights
means also to fight
for the existence of both parents
in our lives.


Beauty of the world
sustaining human rights
surrounded by heavens


Peaceful games of light
in connection with human smiles -
solar magic


More or less
every true verse is a reflection
from the stars

The sky with cirrus clouds at the Vanatorul Camp in December 2006
Photo: Alex Conu


-by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe-

stellar rights + human rights = human stars

-by Valentin Grigore (President of SARM)-

We need Cognition
and Recognition.
We need to really recognize that
this world has a Creator
and we are particles of life in the Universe.
Thus, we would appreciate more
our Earth, the people’s lives,
and every moment we live.

-by Cristina Slovineanu-

wished trips in time
of those who dreamed
in every wounded twilight

-by Ion Moraru-

I’d like to help the world,
but there are so many external provocations
that many times I don’t know who I am.
In case this is me,
I’d look at the sky all night long
when it is clear and so rich in beauty.

-by Doina Chilargi-

I watch the stars, which appear in the night,
far sparkles coming from the abyss.
Roving thoughts start towars them in a hurry,
wanting to meet better worlds of light.

-by Dan Mitrut-

God, why are You so hungry in me?
Carried by the Milky Way,
riding the cosmic Centaur,
You try me near the angels’ market,
and I don’t think it is good to use a mortal
with such a stellar appetite.

Forgive Me - God replied -
I shall frame you in the sky
because I don’t want to become
just a captive god.

-by Constantin Dumitrescu-Cunctator
(political prisoner for 40 years under the former communist regime)-

From the state of project
to the state of temple,
Andromeda and Cassiopeia
always pushed my soul to justice,
freedom and peace.

-by Dominic Diamant
(political prisoner under the former communist regime)-

I was lost in my infinite longing,
but I have accomplished myself
in the galaxy of my soul
so close to God.

I am still lost, but happy,
because the sky is in blossom
like a coppice with stars.

-by Zigmund Tauberg-

A long time ago,
a supernova appeared in the firmament,
a star exploding so much brightness -
a wonder for humanity
finely visible with the naked eye
even in the morning and in the evening.

After a while, it disappeared for centuries,
but now it is like a stellar cloud
with a small star.
Its name is the Crab Nebula -
also a wonder for humanity,
but finely visible only through the telescope.

-by Iulian Olaru-

Princess Eclipse
has chosen the veil:
a solar halo

I crave for light -
sparks of joy
under its steps

-by Alexandrina Zuza-

I looked at a shooting star -
a silver bean faster than Pegasus,
torn by the infinite darkness.

The noble shooting star
does not come back -
now it is just an unseen angel
who has left an immortal memory
like a bright man.

-by Florian Saioc-

The Creator of the Universe
does not have political orientations
and time to rest,
His worlds are too nimble.

Among them,
Humanity -
a divine breath
on a bloody planet.

-by Andreea Nanciu-

A strange nebula gives birth to a star
that will delight the people’s gazes.
They will congratulate it for that miracle,
another miracle of light
that will adorn the sky -
our spiritual roof.

-by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe-

Meteors and fireballs,
give us the right to love
the terrestrial atmosphere.

Planets and comets,
give us the right to love
the solar system.

Stars and deep sky objects,
give us the right to love
the whole Universe
and to remember
that we are just people.

Most of the participants at the Vanatorul Camp event in December 2006
Photo: Ovidiu Vaduvescu


English translations from the Romanian: Andrei Dorian Gheorghe
Design: Florin Stancu

© 2009 SARM
(Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy)