-text and photos Andrei Dorian Gheorghe
design Florin Alexandru Stancu-

In 7 March 2017 I was lucky to catch the Crowned Moon in a sky rather flat,
without stars, covered by clouds.

In these conditions, the natural satellite
appeared like a pearl of the Bucharestian sky.

This made me think of the Romanian Field or Baragan,
apparently a flat space, good for agriculture,
but hiding more incredible “pearls”.

One of them is the Cross of Curing,
made by an unknown boyar in the 17th century.

Transported to an unidentified destination,
it fell from the chariot somewhere near the Danube River,
and nobody could move it,
not even the communists later,
who tried to install an atheist regime in Romania after 1948.

It seemed that a superior force fixed that cross over there
and gave it more miraculous curative qualities for some of the real believers,
so that after the Anticommunist Revolution in 1989
that place became part of a new-built monastery.

On March 29
thinking that not only normal people,
but also many heroes of the nation touched the Cross of Curing
going to that pilgrimage place during almost 4 centuries,
I caught the Moon Sickle in Bucharest
over the Youth Park
in the beginning of a new cycle,
then over the Military Heroes Monument.

As a surprise, Mercury appeared on a close tree branch,
while Sirius (the king of stellar brightness) began to shine
on the opposite side of the sly.

This stimulated me to catch Jupiter (the king of the planets)
in the same area, too, right in the open space of the monument,
on April 4.

Programming an urgent visit to the Cross of Curing,
I continued to follow the Moon growing up,
this time in alternation with the Sun
until the established date.

On the morning of April 8
I travelled to the Cross of Curing on the Sun Highway
through the Romanian Field
(where I caught the sunrise from the speed of the bus)
and then along a branch of the Danube River (Borcea)
until the arrival in the Coslogeni village,

Step by step, under the blessing of the Sun,
I visited the Cross of Curing Monastery
(the fountain, the chapel with the magical cross, the main church)
trying to collect something from that miracle for me and for my dears.

On that afternoon I returned to Bucharest also on the Sun Highway
and, in spite of the chaotic clouds, I caught the Moon again,
and the set of the Sun, the greatest curer of the Earth.

Through waters of destiny
We try to find earthly diamonds. We try…
But the real pearls of our life
Are the lights of the sky.


© 2017 SARM
(Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy)