In bad times
not even the giant stars
are visible



poor M1
nebula supernova threatened by
the horns of the Bull



a saucer of milk
for the cat cowered
by the dog star

101 102 103



Mercury in transit
passes over the Sun
a road of glory



raising from water windows,
ignoring rules
and starting to heavens



Earth’s transit gnat-specks
Sun: six billion human load
tell Watchers nothing



Moon beyond clouds
not to see people -
as from another planet

104 105 106 107



Stars’ gentle whispers
give comfort dream
to my daughter



Relay races of
instructed comets - how could
they think of parsecs?



My soul is hungry for starlight -
thus I prowl the nights for
a break in the clouds…

108 109 110
101-Dominic Diamant (SARM) 102-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe (SARM) 103-Gerald England (U.K.) 104-Zigmund Tauberg (SARM) 105-Victor Chifelea (SARM)
106-Steve Sneyd (U.K.) 107-Ion Moraru (SARM) 108-Nagatoshi Nogami (Japan) 109-Arnold Leinweber (SARM) 110-Emily Gaskin (U.S.A.)