Celestial entrance
in Your gardens -
do You receive me, God?



love story
Sirius A and Sirius B
soul astrometry



dark energy -
galaxies move apart
increasingly fast

111 112 113



It is not as you wish
but it is
as the stars move



A thousand miles
A night under the stars
The universe on my mind



phenomenal Jupiter
emitting radio waves -
a musical body



red shift
of a distant quasar
calculated absence

114 115 116 117



flying to the stars
as far as we can
let's spread love



carried by clouds
seeds of light
germinate at dawn



Solstice in things -
caught in dance by elements
the goods finally win

118 119 120
111-Dominic Diamant (SARM) 112-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe (SARM) 113-Gerald England (U.K.) 114-Sorin Sulu (SARM) 115-Jeremie Vaubaillon (France)
116-Arnold Leinweber (SARM) 117-Deborah P. Kolodji (U.S.A.) 118-Zigmund Tauberg (SARM) 119-Iulian Olaru (SARM) 120-Adrian Sima (SARM)