-astro-photo-art-sculpture-poetry by Dan Mitrut
(technical vice-president of SARM)-

Emission of disaster.
Rending the dimensions
into blue brambles,
the blind stargazer
opened his mouth
and ciphered his thoughts:
The Dragon has abandoned the Polar Star.
With a rough mane,
the Moon is in decline.
The Sun is lost, looking vainly for
the way of the rise.”

Dragon -
beast of unborn freedom,
greatness of clear sky…
polishing his own scales
and his own claws
in the acid light
of the sick novae.

His eyes lie in wait for
the chaos.
His ears lie in wait for
the echo of the fallen stars.
His breath stirs
the Milky Way.
No blaze. No smoke.
The dragon is linked by
aroused thoughts.
He never wanted
this shape.
He never wanted
to be a curse.


His eyes lie in wait for
the chaos.
Two tears defy
the whole tale.


it is a clear night
my rainbow-sky quietly sleeps
a silver bat absently roves
a predestined star sadly falls

I have to climb to Saturn
to patch one of his rings
a space rocket walks near my temple
the whole void crazily hops

I feel myself like a heavenly bearskin
gnawed by solar moths
wry elliptic entities attach
my chest to polar zodiacs

I clandestinely pass the starry border
with a hidden sack of tales
and I begin a new game -

I wager on
my friend Orion


clouds burning
from all sides

a heavenly light

two planets sharing
only one breath

the same siamese birds
entangling among the beams

an ice ring and its cocks
heralding the double morning

commuters in flight
being in late because of the
space trans-lucid crossroads
of equatorial coordinates

morning on epsilon

tomorrow we shall watch the universe
from gamma

The first four poems of this cycle were composed in 1997,
and the last two in 2006.
The first three artworks (“Escaping from Another Realm”,
“Falling from Heaven” and “Dragon and Hero”) were created in 1997,
and the last (“Nocturnal Story”) in 1999.
The sculpture-poem was exhibited
at the International Meteor Conference
in Stara Lesna (Slovakia), August 1998.
The photographs were made between 1997 and 2006.

English translation from the Romanian: Andrei Dorian Gheorghe
Design: Gabriel Ivanescu
© 2007 SARM
(Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy)