-text and photos Andrei Dorian Gheorghe
design Florin Alexandru Stancu-

During the spring of 2018
I heard that a fabulous itinerant exhibition,
“The Treasures of Antique Egypt”,
would stop in Bucharest
and, in the perspective of a visit,
I photographed:

-in 2018-04-10
among the branches of an electrically lit tree, on the right,
the star Sirius
(the goddess Sopdet-Sothis),
whose rise heralded the New Egyptian Year;

-in 2018-04-12
near the Winter Triangle
(with the star Betelgeuse in a double role,
component of both the Winter Triangle and Orion).
but smaller, down and preparing to go south,
the constellation Orion
(the god Osiris-Sah),
which inspired lines of the Great Pyramid of Giza;

-in 2018-06-06
even the Sun
(Horus during the morning time,
Ra at noon
and Atum before evening).

And also in 2018-06-06 I visited that exhibition,
which was opened at the National Library in Bucharest.

What can I say?

The greatest antique civilization
(which “exploded” in the 3rd millennium BC)
was concentrated
(through various exhibits: originals, copies, models…)
in a few rooms…

Since my words would be too poor,
I prefer to leave the pictures to speak
(and about the possible connections between
the Geto-Dacian civilization and the Egyptian civilization…
maybe some other time)…

Antique Egypt, you travel through epochs
As both illuminating and mysterious star
For the people who still try to understand
What the worlds really are.

I left the exhibition so impressed
that for me,
the immense Palace of Romanian Parliament
(made in 1984-1997 and placed not too far)
seemed to be the largest Sphinx in the world…

…over which Amon Ra became
(in accordance with the Romanian traditions)
Saint Sun…

And, if you want more,
here is a 2019 variant:


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(Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy)