-text and photos Andrei Dorian Gheorghe
design Florin Alexandru Stancu-

In 22 July 2015 I left an interesting hotel in Copenhagen
in which the conference rooms had denominations of Scandinavian gods,
and I started to Germany.

And I remembered that the Danish Capital City was bombed
by the troops of Hansa in the 15th century,
during the Danish-Hanseatic war,
which included, in fact, more battles provoked by the commercial competition
in the northern world.

Veritable economical predecessor of the European Union,
the Hanseatic League was founded in 1241
through the alliance between two German imperial free cities,
Lubeck and Hamburg.

Then other northern German towns became members of Hansa,
which opened enclaves
in Bruges (the Netherlands at that time) and London (England) in west,
Riga (Letonia) and Novgorod (Russia) in East,
Visby (the Baltic Sea) and even Bergen (Norway),
and involved over 100 other towns after that,
dominating the international trade for 4 centuries.

After I felt, even in the northern world,
the power of the Sun over the Danish roads,
on the ship,
in the strait between Denmark and Germany,
I inaugurated my presence in the Hanseatic zone
enjoying the same Sun,
now adorned by admirable cirrocumulus clouds.

Maybe you would not believe me,
but over there
I saw the Hanseatic Sun transformed into a seagull!

For you, beautiful girl,
I would transform a sea ship into a space ship,
and I would carry you toward the Sun.

Then I remembered again that the northern mythology
(Scandinavian and Germanic)
is almost similar,
sometimes only the names of the gods being a little different…

And on the German shore,
where the supreme Scandinavian god Odin
became the supreme German god Wotan,
a few wind turbines directed me to Lubeck,
the Capital City of former Hansa.

I saw from the distance the spires of a church,
while the Sun, placed right over the city now, asked me:

“What do you prefer to be?
A proud materialist trader
or just a modest astral idealist?”

© 2016 SARM
(Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy)