-Words and Photos by Valentin Grigore-

In order to mark my 25 years of activity
“for the Sky and for the People”
(my life credo)
I organized SARM’s ASTRO 2008 Event between November 28th and December 1st,
-a national astronomical conference
(with important Romanian professional and amateur astronomers)
dedicated to the Romanian astronomy jubilees
(Solar Amphitheatre, Wallachia University, Targoviste, November 28th);
-a national astronomical youth conference
(Vanatorul Complex, Bucegi Mountains, November 28th - December 1st);
-a group visit to Planetarium Pitesti
(December 1st).

On this occasion,
over forests and mountains embraced by the snow fallen from the heights,
the sky was full of gifts again,
so I could admire:

The Greater Dog following his Hunter-Master

Sirius, a diamond of light on the neck of the Greater Dog

Hunter Orion (helped by the Greater Dog) fighting the Bull

Forests of Snow and Fire, and the Greater Dog above them

Hydra, fascinated by the Jewel of the Greater Dog

Perseus, watched by the Pleiades and the Double Cluster

A Way to the Sky

Perseus lowering to new mysteries

Ursa Major rising from Forests of Ice

The Greater Dog and the Lesser Dog climbing our Universe

The Rise of Coma Berenices

Heavenly Treasures, guarded by the Greater Dog: Sirius and the lovely M41 Open Cluster

Orion and the End of a Meteor

The Set of the Double Cluster

A Pine Tree adorned by M41 Globes and the Star Sirius

The Pleiades over Pompous Pine Trees

Hyades and Pleiades, Very Important Personalities in the Night Sky


© 2008 SARM
(Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy)