-text and photos Andrei Dorian Gheorghe
design Florin Alexandru Stancu-

I took this nocturnal picture
(from the speed of a bus which passed over the Danube River)
with one of the Budapestan bridges and the Royal Castle
in 24 July 2015.

However, not the superb Capital of Hungary is the subject of this project,
but something connected to it.

Thus, in 10 July 2015,
I left Crisana province (Greater Transylvania, north-west Romania),
going to Budapest.

Close to the Magyar Capital
I made a halt of about two hours and I admired a magnificent sunset,
meditating on the memory of the great astronomer Gyorgy Kulin,
who had been born in 1905 right in Crisana,
which belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire at that time.

After World War I
that province became part of the Romanian Kingdom,
and Gyorgy Kulin moved to Budapest,
where he founded the Hungarian Astronomical Society,
an astronomical magazine and an observatory,
and discovered twenty-one asteroids and a comet.

He never forgot his native town, Salonta,
and named after it the first asteroid which he discovered.

He also helped many amateur astronomers of Magyar origin from Romania
and, implicitly, Romanian astronomy.

After that sunset,
I gladly saw Venus and then Jupiter completing the scenery.

On the next morning,
the Moon and the Sun woke me up through the window of a Budapestan hotel…

In 24 July I came back to Budapest,
this time from Slovakia,
and I admired another sunset:

first from outside…

…and then from the speed of the bus.

At other Budapestan hotel,
the Moon and the star Vega welcomed me.

And on the next morning,
another sunrise convinced me to dedicate this project to Gyorgy Kulin,
whose sky I had the honor to sequentially see.

Finally, returning to Romania,
but still on the Magyar territory,
two branches of the Tisa River inspired me to write:

Thank you Gyorgy Kulin
bright astronomical bridge
between two countries


© 2015 SARM
(Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy)