Design: Gabriel Ivanescu


Wherever we are,
we need a drop of cosmopoetry.

-Valentin Grigore
(Founder and President of SARM)-

Rains of poetry during the Perseids
Oh sentimental meteors
This night the sky opens
To fine astral messengers

Rushing out free
From the golden cometís orbit
Itís our festival of cosmopoetry

-Stefan Berinde
(1996, Year of Comet Hyakutake)-

In a world too prosaic,
in which only the money and comfort are important,
I thank you because you exist.

those who watch the stars,
will never enter the mud
because wings mean flight
and cannot be bought,
being given only to those chosen by
He Who Loves Us And Forgives Us.

Love for meteors is like love for people,
it means to give more than to receive.
You are like those who love people,
but finally you represent belief,
and belief is unconditional -
it does not constitute a system changing services.

The only chances for humanity are
ďthose with their heads in starsĒ
because they can offer and support.

I think your meeting is a miracle
and I love you for this.

Do not abandon meteors,
do not abandon astropoetry,
do not abandon dreams,
but leave those who cannot look at the sky,
because some day they will want to see the starlight,
but they will be blind.

-Paul Marinescu
(1997, Year of Comet Hale-Bopp)-

Oh those fabulous friends
who I love because
they accompany me
in ideal realms

I restlessly listen to
their fascinating odysseys
which involve me
and totally steal me

Those beautiful crazy people
of a rare and unknown heroism
are always present in my life
with their solitary impulses

They are so resolute in the big hazard
and so warm in the surrounding frost
that we would never stop our moving circle
Ö and, without them, I would be lost

-Dominic Diamant

There is a festival of cosmopoetry
In which I donít feel pressures of society
I feel neither radiation nor gravity
I just feel that my soul is heavenly

-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe
(Founder and Director of SARMís Cosmopoetry Festival;
2007, Year of Comet McNaught)-

-The introductory collage includes
astrophotographs by Valentin Grigore
-The other photographs were taken by participants
(Victor Bortas, Calin Niculae, Valentin Grigore,
Stefan Calin, Damien Simon (France), Augustin Colesnic,
Ovidiu Vaduvescu, Zigmund Tauberg, Cristina Tinta)
during SARMís Cosmopoetry Festival history.


In October 2007, the town of Targoviste
(the former Capital of the Romanian Land)
was the subject of a special event.

Valentin Grigore (Founder and President of SARM)
offered his album Targovistea Cosmica (Cosmic Targoviste)
to the President of the European Parliament,
Hans Pottering.

Targovistea Cosmica includes
astronomic and atmospheric photographs by Valentin Grigore,
and a selection of verses by the most significant astropoets
from SARMís Cosmopoetry Festival history.

© 2007 SARM
(Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy)