-text and photos Andrei Dorian Gheorghe
design Florin Alexandru Stancu-

The Skansen Museum in Stockholm (Sweden)
shares with the Norsk Museum in Oslo (Norway)
the title of world’s first open-air museum
(each of them having solid arguments to claim this),
and was launched in 1891 after a hard work led by Arthur Hazelius’ team,
trying to show architectural and cultural aspects
of the Swedish traditional civilization
in between the 16th century and the 19th century.

When I visited it (in July 2015),
my first preoccupation was to fix the “normal” Sun inside it
(thinking that only two weeks had passed since the Midnight Sun,
visible in the northern part of this country).

Then I could fully enjoy that magnificent collection of old buildings
which were moved there through immense efforts.

I was particularly fascinated by the aspect of the Hallostadt Belfry
(made in 1732).

In the Skansen Museum,
In blessed Sweden,
There is a belfry with feet
Ready to start to Eden.

It is interesting that a few buildings were made there before the museum
and, then, included in it.

The tallest of them is the Bredablick Tower (made in 1874-76),
around which the museum was built,
and which seems like a mute, but resolute guardian.

The Skansen Museum is a place
In which the light is always at home
And the older tower, Bredablick,
Represents just a solar brick.


© 2015 SARM
(Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy)