pompous halo -
from time to time
an award for the moon
-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe-

blood-red eyes
two images of the moon
this night
-Gerald England (U.K)-

If we don’t have
enough places on Earth,
we’ll find more on the Moon.
-Dominic Diamant-

Deserted Moon!
When will you become
a space halt?
-Zigmund Tauberg-

sharp shadows
near the edge of night -
lunar craters
-Deborah P. Kolodji (U.S.A.)-

Moon, shining partner in space
Gazing eternally towards us with one face
Shaming our stupidities on Earth.
-Geoffrey Grayer (U.K.)-

Two sites of the moon,
similar with the good and the evil.
Can't there be always full moon?
-Jos Nijland (Holland)-

I like to walk on the streets
where the Moon is snagged
on a nail
-Boris Marian-

My dear Fortuna
with your golden aurora
you must be Luna.

Your shadow at night
is a present of moonlight
to assist your sight

Crater landscape
our battered companion
could not escape.

Brilliant full moon
every twenty-eight days
you return too soon.

Our moon on orbit
swinging around our planet
changes her outfit.

Always that face
the other side of Moon
I see from space.

Copper red full moon
hidden behind our tower,
got us playing the fool.

-Paul Roggemans (Belgium)-

across a sunset
straw-necked ibis almost touch
a cold moon

waxing ice moon
through the alleys
a market sets up

across city downs
the moon not yet a quarter
a circus lights up

bleu roi
a thousand flying foxes
quarter moon

full moon...
the hum of traffic
through double glazing

low over the hill
a red moon waxes...
the empty road ahead

night jasmine
trying to find it...
the yellow half moon

quarter moon
not one flying fox

on a branch
the moon

the camp fire
burns the misty moon
halved by thin cloud

-Alan Summers (U.K.)-