Astropoetry, astro-photo-poetry, astrohaiku
and images by SARM and Friends

Coordinator: Andrei Dorian Gheorghe
with the enthusiastic support of his parents
Steliana (Stella) and Costica Gheorghe

Design: Gabriel Ivanescu


Spend so much time creating life
forget to live it sometimes…

-Larry Jaffe (U.S.A,
Coordinator of Poets for Human Rights)-


-visual astropoem by Gabriel Ivanescu (SARM)-


All Sky Apple
-visual astropoem by Alexandru Conu (SARM)-


The Apple
-astropoem by Zigmund Tauberg (80 years, SARM)-

The Book of Genesis says that
an apple gave consciousness
to the first people:
the good, evil, truth, knowledge…

A Hellenic legend tells that
an apple was used
for the choice
of the most beautiful goddess…

We also know that
the women have charming apples
which bewitch and attract the menfolk.

But here is an amazing thing:
incidentally, an apple fall
inspired a truth to Newton.
He intuited it
and then demonstrated it,
defining the universal attraction.

So, the apple seems to be a wonder-fruit,
and has been chosen by the human soul
as a symbol for the universal attraction
which keeps the Cosmos as a whole.


Universal Meteoric Attraction
-visual astropoem by Diana Alexandra Ardelean (13 years, SARM)-


-text: Mandy Smith (U.K.); photo: Kris Foo (Hungary)-


Gravitational Memories
-triple visual astropoem by Calin Niculae (Romania)-




one bite enough, now
Eve knows all, spits rest through time
to wise up Newton

-Steve Sneyd (U.K.,
Editor of Hilltop Press)-


An evening apple
pierced the universe
with a principle

-Iulian Olaru (SARM)-


Without gravity
There would be little joy when
Observing night skies.

Meteors would no longer
Fall into the atmosphere -
What a dismal thought!

-Arlene Carol Brill (Turkey)-


Sleeping all day long
under a big apple tree…
Newton, get a job!

-Gelu-Claudiu Radu (SARM)-


An apple a day
Makes light work of gravity,
Pulls earth towards it.

-John Francis Haines (U.K.,
Leader of Eight Hand Gang)-


If I would be eternal
my falling star
would not disappear

-Dominic Diamant (SARM)-


a tired Newton
stretched out under a tree
was almost asleep

a falling apple
accelerated his brain
straight into orbit

-Gerald England (U.K.,
Editor of New Hope International)-


verse of light
where the sunrise always meets
the sunset

-Irina Cristescu (SARM)-


Newtonian Apple!
For us, your seeds
are black holes

-Danut Ionescu (New Zealand,
Auckland Astronomical Society)-


Newton’s apple
hit exactly the Earth.
Could it fail?

Newton’s apple
hit the mobile Earth.
Was the apple immobile?

-Boris Marian (SARM)-


Meteor lumination,
striking through the sky,
due to gravity.

-Paul Roggemans (Belgium,
the main creator of the International Meteor Organization)-


Wilhelm Tell’s arrow
the apple fall
Newton’s opportunity

-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe (SARM)-


in fiery summer
we tried to see something good
with green love

-Masa-yuki Yamamoto (Japan)-



Newton’s Apple

When Newton just slept,
something fell on his head.

“God, how could the Paradise be
if even here, on Earth,
with an apple you hit me!”

“Do not lament like a king,
but understand: what you saw
represents, in fact, a LAW!”

-Dominic Diamant (SARM)-

Heavy Weather

If gravity changed
like the weather,
covering the planet
in waves and pockets,

fronts and depressions,
there would be days
on which we could
not move an inch.

We would lie helpless,
strapped to the
slowly turning Earth
by a rain of weight

that limited both our
breath and movement.
We would have time
to consider the nature

of such an existence,
to daydream about
an end of the storm
and those perfect

feather days when we
could fly like birds
over cities and forests
as if we had wings.

-Bruce Boston (U.S.A.,
the first Grand Master of Science Fiction poetry)-

Newton’s Apple

The tree of life has golden apples.
The sky is an immense treasure.
Stars fall with delicate sounds.
Isaac Newton sleeps under his earthly tree.
He hears an apple falling.
His sleep gives birth to the plain truth.
His sleep gives birth to reason, too.


We also sleep,
but nobody speaks about us.

-Boris Marian (SARM)-

The Gravity of the Situation

Wear my red coat
when you fall.

Enlighten him
with weighty

If he gets high enough,
on what you’ve got to give,
he can worship down.

-Marge Simon (U.S.A.,
Editor of Star*Line - the Journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association)-

Newton’s Apple

a famous old, scholar
and wise man,
was meditating under a tree.

When he just watched
the proud moonrise,
an apple fell
and shook his brain.

So he calculated integrals,
drew vectors,
cleared up the mystery,
and ate the apple in a hurry.

-Ruxandra Toma (SARM)-


We are greater than the universe.
We are the decision to be forever...
Creators of games

-Jana Jakesova (Czech Republic)-

The Magician of Gravity
- for parents -

In old times
All floated in the Universe, chaotically dancing,
And no embarrassment existed
In the strange cosmic rambling

Until the magician of gravity
Weaved a cobweb
From the fibres of astral lights,
Stimulating the hazard of the senseless convulsions

But in his wise generosity
He left the dust of the primary souls
To interfere into our nostalgia
And to lift towards the light

-Victor Chifelea (SARM)-

The Invention of Logarithms.

Newton saw an apple fall
And invented gravity. When the tree fell,
It seems he invented logs!

-Geoffrey H. Grayer (U.K.)-

Useless Gravity

I open the universal book of eternity
with a timid diligence
and I read that always
life lives its death

But I also read that
on its whole surface
and in its whole depth
death lives its life

I just live both of them
under time’s gravity
sometimes for nothing
and at other times vainly

-Florian Saioc (SARM)-

The Work of Man
(a fibonacci-no ku)

his blonde
girl and city noise
keep him safe but in the quiet
dark the sky gapes for his soul star fingers clutch and freeze

-David Kopaska-Merkel (U.S.A.,
Editor of Dreams and Nightmares)-


“Snow White,
you didn’t fall down
because of a poisoned apple,
but because of gravity!”
said Mr. Newton.

-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe (SARM)-

Ecce Homo

Light, your body is a prolongation of the soul
A woman, the heritage, the voice
The caring, the need to be honest
Grandmother, you and all the Earth are watching death,
So we celebrate our human condition
And next week we'll be out praying to the moon
"I need to take this corn all out of my bedroom"
Autumn comes but it will surely show its growth.

-Sofia Silva (Portugal)-


innocent dreams of children
atomically clanging
and cutting immensities

candles burn
syllables of light
on stilts

circles flowing in sleep
spheres dripping in blood

-Adrian Sima (SARM)-

Newton’s Apple

One bright summer’s day, Isaac sat under the apple tree,
Contemplating nothing of any great importance.

And then the apple landed squarely on his head!

Imagine what would have happened if has only thought had been…
‘Oh boy! Baked apples tonight’!!

Can you imagine life without gravity?
How easy it would be to bounce from place to place.
I’d weigh a whole lot less, that’s for sure.
But I’d have a terrible time keeping my spaghetti on my plate.

If there were no gravity,
I’d never have to worry about tripping
Or breaking my bones in my old age.

We could eliminate 99% of the need for gasoline.
Just one tap and inertia would send us swiftly on our way.
Of course, U-turns would be out of the question!

Life without gravity.
Perish the thought.
Even our own languages would need to change.

-Arlene Carol Brill (Turkey)-

To Newton

The high spirits
cannot be defeated.
Not even by an archive...
of apples.

-Cristian Miala (SARM)-

My Heaven

If you see the beauty of my heaven,
then ugliness starts to disappear.
If you see the gate of my heaven burning,
then tears start to appear.

If I say to you:
“Look, my heaven is bleeding!”,
then you start thinking attentively.

Come and save my heaven
not to be silent.
We all together can start to build
a new peaceful gate of heaven.

-Hazeen Hasrat (Kashmir)-

Gravitational Risks

Unfortunately, I’m passing
through an unhappy time period.
I’ve wanted too much to live
by remarking at my job,
and now this doesn’t leave me living…

…or dreaming…

There was
the crystalline song of a comet
which passed next to a quasar…

-Paul Boboc (SARM)-


As Newton looked up at the tree
Thinking, "Earth and Moon - how can it be?"
He realized, "Of course!
It's the gravity force
With its magical constant called G."

-Dr. David Asher (Northern Ireland,
Armagh Observatory)-


The assumed solitude of the Universe
defines the passion
of a celestial attraction -
a massive accelerate reaction…

The negligent mass of the Universe…

Come to me quickly
because tonight
we shall fall down

-Cristina Slovineanu (SARM)-


...and I wondered how much space
there is compacted into nothing

astrophysicists call it
a black hole
this complication of emptiness

not quite humbly
I consider myself a
metaphysician, a mystic
so I can easily see
10000 million Buddhas
dancing on the edge
of a perpendicular time
as it slips
unannounced, reconciling
into a star-seed
ripe & gathering
cosmic dust
10000 million incarnations,
seeking another skin,

contemplations of Shiva and Shakti
under torrents of blissful
romancing into Being
a vortex of time and place
jungle temples
of crumbling stones--

immanent and emanant
chance and circumstance
embers with another flame,
striking Damocles singing sword
light and dark spaces

of my Socratic mind
waves and strings
interchange rearrange exchange
earth to heaven
rock to cloud

and the sea
the sea,
about which
can be said.

-Anna Ruiz (U.S.A.)-

Colors of Wind

Gravity is not for petals without home,
which paint the air with the colors of the wind.
Not even for the little princes
who tame the unknown…

-Irina Cristescu (SARM)-


When Newton's apple fell from off its tree
Stars and planets gave up their mystery
And thereafter moved by Newton’s laws
(Until Einstein pointed out the flaws!)

-David Turner (U.K.)-

To the Sky

I think I raise
to your open eyelid
I think you leave me to see
one of your wings

I think you put
in my stretched palm
the total science
of my living Ego…

-Anca-Maria Buhus (SARM)-

Forms of Gravity

Comet Holmes,
Reminds me of IRAS-Araki-Alcock back in 1983,
though obviously not so swift-moving; large, round and bright
(but Holmes has been brighter to me).
A fine addition to the constellation Perseus,
as it orbits round Mirfak.

-Alastair McBeath (U.K.,
Vice-President of the International Meteor Organization)-

The Bright Apple

It was a bright apple
hanged to the canopy of heaven.
It seemed to be a golden apple,
and the envy stars threw it on Earth.

The apple has enlightened the people,
although it was neither a golden apple
nor Eve’s apple.

It was just Newton’s apple.

-Mircea Alexandru Popa (SARM)-

Just on Dusk, Insight

New moon silver now,
her temple’s crescent edge draws
eye to solus earring -
“is from meteorite” she
murmurs, “from one I came on.”

-Steve Sneyd (U.K.,
Editor of Hilltop Press)-



-by Dan Mitrut (SARM)-


Man and Universe
-astro-photo-poem without words
by George Pascanu (Romania)-


Principle of Equivalence
-by Ion Moraru (SARM)-


Aurora Australis in Antarctica
-astro-photo-poem without words
by Juan Martin Semegone (Argentina,
Amigos de la Astronomia)-


Thinking of Newton’s Apple
-by Iulian Olaru (SARM)-


Aurora Borealis in Alaska
-astro-photo-poem without words
by Yasuhiro Tonomura (Japan,
Oriental Astronomical Society)-


Milky Way
-by Cristina Tinta (SARM)-


Total Solar Eclipse
-astro-photo-poem without words
by Radu Gherase (Astroclub Bucharest)


Comet-Cloud Joke
-by Jos Nijland (Holland,
Dutch Meteor Society)-


Comet Hyakutake
-astro-photo-poem without words
by O. Vaduvescu, G. Stefanescu & M. Birlan
(Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy)-


Beneath the Stars
-by Valentin Grigore (SARM)-


The Great Orion Nebula
-astro-photo-poem without words
by Catalin Mitu (Astroclub Bucharest)-


Newtonian Apple
-by Danut Ionescu (New Zealand,
Auckland Astronomical Society)


Colorful Moon
-astro-photo-poem without words
by Maximilian Teodorescu (Astroclub Bucharest)-


Orionids 2007
-by Simona Vaduvescu (Hawaii)-


Panoramic Astrophotography
-astro-photo-poem without words
by Florian Ispas (SARM)-


The Theory of Gravitational Skate
-text: Arnold Tukkers; photo: Casper ter Kuile
(Holland, Dutch Meteor Society)




Very nervous
because of the people’s indifference,
Miss Gravity threw an apple
to Isaac Newton.

“Hey man
here I am!
Just look at me!”

-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe (SARM)-

Gravity Drives the Blood and Bends the Light

Past sunlit fountains where scattered
rainbow droplets fall to its calling,
over the graceful arch of the bridge
that reflects and defies its calling,
in the roaring whoosh and swoop
of wild carnival rides of wonder
that leave us breathless in the air,
gravity bends the light and drives
the blood that courses in our veins:
when we reach up it calls us down,
keeps us spinning round the sun,
defines the span of night and day.

In the words that run from our lips,
in the waterfall of images that
cascade and plummet our brains,
always tumbling into the past
in the moment of their calling,
gravity drives the blood and bends
the light that courses in our veins:
it shapes the stars, breaks our bones,
spills the clouds onto the ground,
sets the boundaries of our play.

From the wail of birth's hard fall
to the coffin's silent roped descent,
from the pull of an age that was
wide and weightless to the weight
of miles passed and years defined,
gravity bends the light and drives
the blood that courses in our veins:
it breaks our bones, calls us down,
keeps us spinning round the sun,
fuses cells and time and flesh
and takes our breath away.

-Bruce Boston (U.S.A.,
the first Grand Master of Science Fiction Poetry)-


“Forgive me, God,
maybe I don’t know what I do
by discovering laws.”

“No problem, Newton,
you must just be sure
of your right.”

-Dominic Diamant (SARM)-


In my mind's eye
the edges blur,
shift a precarious balance--
my intrinsic nature disappears
into the darkness, leaving my
heart to feel its memories
door upon doors open and close
their sound takes me out
from the awkward silence
like a thirsty giraffe,
like a newborn life,

In my mind's eye,
the silence breaks,
shatters into images,
the cosmic dance begins
with oceans and seas
of realities, other worlds
and netherworlds, coalesce,
annexed to far-reaching dark stars,
I travel through
vortex after vortex of Light and
create worlds upon worlds of distinctions,
heavy with the sounds of a subtle dissolution
where nothing happens,
faceless mirrors
of every incarnation,
shedding skin upon skin
with a serpent's ease,

In my mind's eye,
these bare bones of infinity, precise vultures
break all bonds,
break all ties,
fly away with the blood of ancestors
on their terrible claws

In my mind's eye
nothing remains,
like a sky, full of stars
in a deep purple night.

-Anna Ruiz (U.S.A)-

I Say

I say what I cannot see
I say what I cannot hear
I am blind like the trees
I am deaf like the bells
I don’t know what Paradise is
I don’t know what Hell is

I have not certitudes like the waves
I just know what time is
I just know what space is
I am a point
I am the moment
I exist
I leave eternity to the others
better than I am

-Boris Marian (SARM)-


“Too many apples in this orchard”
says a politician-businessman.
“If one of them falls on my head,
I could become more generous,
as Newton in the past.
Better I cut the orchard
and I make a luxurious hotel, entitled
“Without Gravity”.”

-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe (SARM)-


apples fall red, green,
sungold, moonsilver: at last
worm-ridden one speaks

-Steve Sneyd (U.K.,
Editor of Hilltop Press)-


A step on the Moon -
but the road started
from an orchard

-Iulian Olaru (SARM)-


A bop on the head
Drove the eureka moment
Deep into his brain

-John Francis Haines (U.K.,
Leader of Eight Hand Gand)-

Finis Coronat Opus

“The winners are those who know to change themselves!”
says the Teacher like a parent,
being the beginning and the end of his doubts.

“Turn off the light!” replies death,
and some workers come, arrange and gild
rots and fiendish writings.

“We are in a wonderful state!”
shouts the Teacher beneath the renovated canopy.
“The pain is hidden, it is almost gone,
we live a real euphoria of celestial power!”

Indeed, we talk and take the minutes
under the four sky pillars,
and the Teacher, fallen from the height,
is transported on a litter with all his weight.

-Boris Marian (SARM)-


The light pollution
can cover the beauty of the sky,
but cannot hide
the force of gravity.

-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe (SARM)-


Why did the naughty apple fall on my head?
Why didn’t it go to the moon
or to a star?

Newton thought more,
established through calculations that a bigger body
attracts a smaller body in space,
and named this mysterious and universal force
as the attraction law.

From then on, he became a myth
representing the world in a special posture:
not as something obscure,
but as something pure.

-Dominic Diamant (SARM)-

Operation Cassandra

We’ve tricked photons to
tunnel past light speed, warn our
future to look out

-Steve Sneyd (U.K.,
Editor of Hilltop Press)-



To my “astropoetic” father Costica Gheorghe
(1927 May 24 - 2007 November 26),
indispensable for the all major projects of my life,
who died during the making of this Project
on the Day of Saint Stelian
(protector of children in Romanian Orthodox Church;
stella = star in the Latin language)

Gravitating to life,
then gravitating to death,
a new child was born in the heavens,
a new child was born among the stars,
universal attraction
led by angels.

-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe-


1. Gabriel Ivanescu (Romania) -
2. Alexandru Conu -
All Sky Convex Mirror
3.1 Emmanuel Schwalb (Israel; born in Romania) -
the Old Town of Jerusalem
3.2 Ovidiu Vaduvescu (Chile; born in Romania) -
Parthenon, Athens, Greece
3.3 Catalin Fus (Romania) -
NGC 7000 (North America Nebula) in Cygnus
4. Diana Alexandra Ardelean (Romania) -
Meteor (an artwork exhibited at the International Meteor Conference
2005 in Oostmalle, Belgium)
5. Kris Foo (Hungary) - Gravitas
6.1-3 Calin Niculae (Romania) -
Artwork, Superposed Winter, and Partial Solar Eclipse 2003

Part I:
1. Radu Gherase (Romania) -
Total Solar Eclipse’s Diamond Ring, Turkey, 2006
2. Valentin Grigore (Romania) -
Cloud Waves
3. Mihail Robescu (Romania) -
Climbing a Waterfall (Pyrenees, France)
4. Alexandru Conu (Romania) -
Meteor or Airplane
5. George Pascanu (Romania) -
6. Gabriel Ivanescu (Romania) -
Kissing the Sun
7. Alin Tolea (U.S.A.; born in Romania) -
Moonset, Cirrus Clouds and Venus in West Virginia
8. Adrian Bruno Sonka (Romania) -
M53 in Coma Berenices
9. Simona Vaduvescu (Hawaii; born in Romania) -
Rainbow over Hilo, Hawaii
10. Jean Dragesco (France; born in Romania;
multiple international laureate for astrophotography,
an asteroid being named after him in 2000) -
The Great Orion Nebula
11. Gabriel Ivanescu (Romania) -
Starry Tortoise
12. Simona Vaduvescu (Hawaii; born in Romania) -
Comet SWAN
13. Ovidiu Vaduvescu (Chile; born in Romania) -
Balloons over Geneva, Switzerland
14. Gabriel Ivanescu (Romania) -
From Deva Fortress

Part II:
1. Catalin Mares (Romania) -
Sundog and Halo
2. Mihai Curtasu (Romania) -
Veil Nebula in Cygnus
3. Gabriel Ivanescu (Romania) -
Birds in the Danube Delta
4. Ioan Agavriloaiei (Romania) -
Noctilucent Clouds
5. Ovidiu Vaduvescu (Chile; born in Romania) -
Cloud over Durban, South Africa
6. Sorin Hotea (Romania) -
Moon over Sighet
7. Klaus Lowitz (Germany; born in Romania) -
German Fair of Astronomical Instruments
8. Razvan Tecuschi (Romania) -
9. Eugen Florin Marc (Romania) -
Moon-Venus Occultation
10. Attila Soo (Romania) -
Taurus with Pleiades
11. Mihai Cuzic (Romania) -
Strange Cloud
12. Dimitrie Olenici (Romania) -
Flight over Malaysia
13. Maximilian Teodorescu (Romania) -
Venus-Moon Conjunction
14. Alexandru Conu (Romania) -
15. Valentin Grigore (Romania) -
Flight over Europe
16. Eugen Florin Marc (Romania) -
17. Valentin Grigore (Romania) -
Sunset in Voievodes Hill, Targoviste
18. Maximilian Teodorescu (Romania) -
Comet Loneos
19. Alexandru Conu (Romania) -
Crepuscular Rays
20. Danut Ionescu (New Zealand; born in Romania) -
Rainbow over Auckland
21. Ovidiu Vaduvescu (Chile; born in Romania) -
Sun in Pacific
22. Gabriel Ivanescu (Romania) -
Piercing the Clouds
23. Simona Vaduvescu (Hawaii; born in Romania) -
Mauna Kea Area
24. Gabriel Ivanescu (Romania) -
Between Two Worlds
25. Casper ter Kuile (Holland) -
Comet Holmes
26. Felician Ursache (Romania) -
Sky Lovers
27. George Pascanu (Romania) -

Part III:
1. Dan Mitrut (Romania) -
2. George Pascanu (Romania) -
Man and Universe
3. Ion Moraru (Romania) -
Flight over the Mediterranean Sea
4. Juan Martin Semegone (Argentina) -
Aurora Australis in Antarctica
5. Iulian Olaru (Romania) -
Summer Night in Finland
6. Yasuhiro Tonomura (Japan) -
Aurora Borealis in Alaska
7. Cristina Tinta (Romania) -
More than the Milky Way
8. Radu Gherase (Romania) -
Total Solar Eclipse, Turkey, 2006
9. Jos Nijland (Holland) -
Striking Clouds
10. O. Vaduvescu, G. Stefanescu, M. Birlan
(all from Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy, 1996;
today Dr. Mirel Birlan works as a professional astronomer
at Paris Observatory, an asteroid being named after him,
and Dr. Ovidiu Vaduvescu prepares a thesis in connection
with astronomical Chilean, European and American observatories
from the Ands Mountains) -
Comet Hyakutake
11. Valentin Grigore (Romania) -
Night in Targoviste
12. Catalin Mitu (Romania) -
The Great Orion Nebula
13. Danut Ionescu (New Zealand; born in Romania) -
Venus over Auckland
14. Maximilian Teodorescu (Romania) -
Colorful Moon
15. Simona Vaduvescu (Hawaii; born in Romania) -
Orionid 2007
16. Florian Ispas (Romania) -
Pleiades and Comet Holmes
17. Casper ter Kuile(Holland) -
Dutch Winter

Part IV:
1. Gabriel Ivanescu (Romania) -
Astral Flowers
2. Maximilian Teodorescu (Romania) -
3. Mircea Bodea (U.S.A.; born in Romania) -
Sunrise in Florida
4. Cornel Cuciureanu (Romania) -
Sunset in Romania
5. Catalin Paduraru (Spain; born in Romania) -
Andromeda Galaxy
6. Stefan Calin (Romania) -
Sunset in Park
7. Danut Ionescu (New Zealand; born in Romania) -
Aotearoa Stonehenge
8. Eugen Florin Marc & Raul Truta (Romania) -
Moon-Saturn Occultation
9. Florian Severin (Romania) -
Bloody Sky
10. Olimpiu Bodea (Romania; 1924-2007) -
Oh, New York
11. Laurentiu Alimpie (Romania) -
Sunset in Malta
12. Jeremie Vaubaillon (France, Paris Observatory) -
Vesterbork Radio Telescope, Holland

1. Costica Gheorghe on the stage of SARM’s Cosmopoetry Festival,
“Admiral Vasile Urseanu” Bucharest Municipal Observatory, 2002
2. Calin Niculae (Romania) -
Last Memory (artwork)

© 2007 SARM
(Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy)