-text and photos Andrei Dorian Gheorghe;
design Florin-Alexandru Stancu-

One of the dreams of my life was to see Mount Olympus
for its mythological-astronomical load.
Its length is over 60 km,
a few of its peaks are over 2900 m high,
and I could see this natural temple of gods for the first time
from the speed of a bus
in the morning of 24 June 2013.
It was not the best vision,
but at least I could see the sacred mount of antiquity
with more sceneries at its foot.

The second time when I saw Mount Olympus
was in the afternoon of 29 June 2013,
also from a bus.
This time it was in part covered by clouds,
as if the gods scolded each other.

Later in the same day
I walked on the shore of the Aegean Sea in Paralia Katerini,
and suddenly I saw a fascinating show in the sky,
which made me run to a field, out of city,
hoping to catch Mount Olympus
in a more spectacular vision.

Mount Olympus,
you hosted twelve basic gods
(plus other guests of honour),
five of them giving their names
(with Roman vestments)
to five planets:
Mercury from Hermes,
Venus from Aphrodite,
Mars from Ares,
Jupiter from Zeus,
Neptune from Poseidon…

There are two other planets
from other Greek-Roman gods,
Saturn from Cronos
and Uranus from Ouranos,
but this is not a problem…

I admire you,
Mount Olympus,
and I wonder how
today Mother Gaia ceases to be
the base of the Universe…

after a few other kilometres by bus,
a better position…

Mount Olympus,
your legends delighted so much the world
that the International Astronomical Union
followed your gods and heroes
in naming so many constellations…

Also fascinated by your legends,
sometimes I think that Orion and the Dogs
should be more attentive at the Scorpion,
Hercules and Perseus should expand their bravery,
Cassiopeia should not be envious of Andromeda,
the Lyre should not compete with the musical electronic instruments…
and I’d like to become the member of a real
International Union for Protecting Constellated Animals
from Light Pollution…

Watching you now,
Mount Olympus,
I am so happy
that for me
transient games of sunbeams
eternal lights of constellations.


© 2013 SARM
(Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy)