Solar Diary


we go on the roads of the solar diaries

the paradise of the hidden colours becomes more intense

particles of emotion announce echoes of cellular crying

we are love in life’s reflux

a prove that we cannot fly

betting the propellers of the venusian mornings

beyond the warm understanding of the atoms

the awakening is the last station

 -Adrian Sima (SARM)-

Lovers’ Witness


watching the new star

they forget to hold on close,

each alone in thought-

he “how fine to outline whole

solar system”, she “what loss”.

 -Steve Sneyd (U.K.)-  



The nasty Moon has a habit,

she terribly envies the Sun

and always tries to eclipse him.

My sweetheart is the same:

when she can eclipse me, she does not hesitate,

then she laughs and falls

to my chest.

 -Florian Saioc (SARM)-

Celestial Games


I understand! You are indifferent

about the Sun or about the Moon.

It's just a game for you.

From the celestial joys in lifetime

you always amaze the eclipse

through your beauty of goddess.

-Florian Severin (SARM)-



stellar inventors

discovered the symmetry

of hide-and-seek


our time cooker

put a black lid

over the steaming pudding


naïve, we amazingly watch

shadow receiving light-

engagement ring

 -Aivil (Romania)-