-text and photos by Dan Uza-

When the Olt River pierces the Carpathians Mountains in Valcea County,
on the road which connects Ramnicu Valcea to Sibiu,
or Muntenia (Wallachia) to Transylvania,
or a Romanian world to another…

… we find out the Cozia Monastery,
founded in the 1380s by the
“Great Voievod and Domn” (Romanian monarch)
Mircea cel Batran (“the Old” or “the Elder”),
he who stopped at Rovine in 1393
the Ottoman invasion to Europe
(led by the famous Sultan Bayezid Yıldırım),
and, later, was buried over here.

In this place I found out
interesting symbols inspired by the Cosmos,
which I want to share with you
just because too few people
confer importance to the details you will see further.
So dare to penetrate, please,
the small universe of sacred geometry
from the shore of the Olt River.

The flower of life
or the recipe of cosmic creation…

Sun or flower?…

A radiant Sun…

In the church I found out samples of “vesica piscis”,
the figure that resulted from the combination between two circles
(which means the first act of divine creation in sacred geometry).
Here, the symbol of carnal birth
has an evident spiritual significance,
representing the awakening or the renaissance…

The image of a “circular cross”,
painted on a wall at the entrance,
hides deep astronomical significances.
The circle inspires a repetitive phenomenon,
such as the base unit of the terrestrial cycle,
the year.
The vertical line indicates the position of
the (winter and summer) solstices.
The horizontal line indicates the position of
the (spring and autumn) equinoxes.
The diagonals mark intermediary solar stations
in this stylistic calendar.
(In Romanian village life,
these are transposed into folkloric holidays of the ritual year,
such as the “Armindeni”,
the Vegetation Holiday.)
So the circle represents even the zodiacal belt
(the yearly itinerary of the Sun).
The 7 halos represent the 7 classical planets
(visible with the naked eye and known in this form
from antiquity to Copernicus),
transformed into angels.

On other wall
I saw the Sun with a particular face,
the personification of divine essence,
calmly watching the world from a respectable distance.


First published in Romanian in Dan Uza’s blog “Cercul de Stele”.
English version by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe
Design: Florin Stancu
© 2012 Borealis Astroclub and SARM