Three introductory photos Valentin Grigore
Text and photos Andrei Dorian Gheorghe
Design Florin Alexandru Stancu-

The beauty of the territory of current Romania
(exemplified above in only three pictures with heavenly connotations
by the president of SARM, Valentin Grigore)
and especially its richness in natural treasures,
interested in history more empires:
Roman, Ottoman, Habsburg, Russian, German, Soviet, Nazi…

A recent proof regarding the force of nature over here
is just the Bucharest Delta, or the Vacaresti Delta,
or ihe Vacaresti Natural Park,
which ias an amazing story.

Thus, the communist regime demolished in the 1980s an entire quarter
(including a magnificent historical monument,
the Vacaresti Monastery)
near the Dambovita River
to be replaced by an artificial lake (reservoir).

But after the collapse of communism
the idea and the place were abandoned,
and nature felt free to make a new grandiose demonstration,
creating a veritable delta in about 110 ha.


On the morning of 2016 April 3
I dared to go out of my home
to visit that sensational place.

The planet Mars encouraged me in the Youth Park
to go further.

Then the Moon also said that
my decision was good.

I had to go beyond a group of new blocks of flats
to see my first sunset in the Bucharest Delta.

The first step in my small expedition was to watch the Moon,
and the day replacing the night.

Then, to my luck, right before sunrise,
the signs of a superb phenomenon.

We all know that the Sun
Is a middle star.
But the Sun can be great when
He gives a light pillar.

Very delighted, I returned home,
while the Sun continued to spoil me,
inviting me to the annual natural festival of blossoms.


© 2019 SARM
(Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy)