-text and photos Andrei Dorian Gheorghe
design Florin Alexandru Stancu
special guest astrophotographer Valentin Grigore-

May 2017 was the month of a new Bucharest AstroFest
(on 6th and 7th , when the Moon and Jupiter were close,
and I met many sky lovers,
including the president of SARM, Valentin Grigore,
who made a special stand,
and DJ “Croco” Manea).

But for me
May 2017 supplementarily brought the occasion
to celebrate an old dear friend in a special way.

Although I was not a good student in mathematics
during the time of the high school,
I remember the chance to have a special teacher,
a model of morality and Romanian patriotism,
who re-appeared in my life after over 20 years as an…
excellent astropoet!

Yes, Zigmund Tauberg is the most longevous astropoet in the world
and seems to complete, in his creative manner,
an impressive list with great artists, writers and men of culture
who belonged to the Jewish ethnical minority
on the territory of current Romania
(where the first Jews came during the Roman Empire),
a list which begins with the painter Costantin Daniel Rosenthal (1821-1851),
a martyr for the Romanian cause in Transylvania around the Revolution of 1848,
who was killed by Magyar nationalists,
but left a memorable artwork,
Revolutionary Romania.

Many years ago
Zigmund Tauberg wrote a poem,
Contemplation of May,
which I decided to complete with my pictures
(nature, clouds, Sun, Moon, Jupiter…)
Taken in 2017 May.

Too little for a real gratitude!

Poem by Zigmund Tauberg;
(English version by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe)

I call you, breeze of the night of May,
Through my thought, through my voice,
With my whole sense.
I call you, breeze of the night of May,
When love calls young people.
In the magic night, I feel you close,
When the willow bends its silence on waters,
When flowers await, delicately rising their grail crests,
And quiet stars
Weave through beams,
With mysterious signs,
The old story
From worlds in being and disappeared worlds.
And I await in the night again, thrilled,
How you come, sidling up through leafs and flowers,
With verses of love, without vanity,
To mildly caress my cheeks and my temples,
To wave calls and petals of thought,
Toward infinity.

Finally, one year later (in 2018 May)
Valentin Grigore and I decided to dedicate
to Zigmund Tauberg
the astro-haiga from below:


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