State of Sky
The sky - a half of a whole. And man in the middle of the whole. Man within the Sky and the Earth. Man like a connection between the Earth and the Sky, usually looking there, where the Sky meets the Earth. The horizon line. Did man forget to pass beyond this limit? Does man know to watch higher?
The sky - a miracle delighting the mortals' eyes of all times, inspiring poets, giving birth to so many dreams, and provoking so many prying minds. The starry sky is the Creator's gift to the people, to banish their fear of darkness. When it misses, the night is hard and oppressive.
Come to love the clear sky. Come to enjoy its beauties. To feel them, you must live them. Let us liberate our souls from materiality of body. Let us raise towards the sky, to bring it closer to us, to lower it into our hearts. Thus, the stars would not be far away above us, but we would be among them. It is enough to hold out our hands, and to take the stars in our palms.
Bright brilliants coming from anywhere cross the sky all around us, leaving out powders of light. Wonderful shine in every place. The light takes fairy forms and you feel it penetrating you, brightening your being. You are amazed, looking at the stars sacrificing themselves every morning on the dawn altar to revive at twilight again.
Our souls throb with every sunset and do not saturate drinking, in the morning aurora, the colour symphony of the clouds meeting the sun.

All these beauties are real, but they offer the images of a dream. Wrapped by them, you feel the sky lowering into your heart, offering to you its peace and beauty, and following you everywhere. And you will be more beautiful and generous, with a young and noble soul, led by a divine harmony. You will see you are over the people who forget or do not know to watch the sky. You really live, and nobody and nothing can defile your existence. Thus, the sky becomes a state, a living... the STATE OF SKY!
Harmonized with this state, you feel that light and darkness, earth and water, stars and clouds, lightning and rainbow, wind and rain, trees and birds, herb and flowers, all of them have a voice and want to tell something. They want to tell they have a Creator who created them for somebody. But that somebody does not understand them, does not feel their beings and does not know to speak with them. He considers them matter... and that is all! In exchange, he creates his own beauties, and deludes himself they are alive. And, as a recompense, he becomes just like his artificial creations.
Man, open your eyes and watch the heights! Let you liberate through the STATE OF SKY!

Valentin Grigore
Text composed in 1995-1996 as the
Hymn of SARM's "Perseids" Annual Event