Text and photos Andrei Dorian Gheorghe
Design Florin Alexandru Stancu

In 2019-02-24
the Crowned Moon invited me to think of the next equinox.

I continued to occasionally follow the Moon
from my window (in Bucharest)
and in 2019-03-01 I saw her not too far of Venus.

In 2010-03-02 and 03 I saw the sunset near
the astronomical observatory of the National Children’s Palace
and the Firemen Tower,
and I remembered the refrain from a dance song
of a Romanian band, “The Motans”,
which I tried to adapt below (with rhyme) in English:

“Maybe maybe
the sunset is
the sunrise seen
from the back only.”
(The Motans, ADG’s translation)

In 2019-03-04 I caught Jupiter
(very small in the middle of the image).

I continued during the next days,
catching the Sun over the Meteorological Institute
and the highest block of flats in the Balta Alba quarter,
the Moon,
the constellation Orion with the Winter Triangle
affected by light pollution,
and the sunrise over the Yasmita Garden blocks of flats (in 2019-03-11).

Then I went further on the same idea
until 2019-03-15. .

2019-03-16 was a fantastic day,
in which I caught Jupiter again,
an amazing sunrise,
the pass of the Sun,
a fiery sunset,
a superb Crowned Moon
and Sirius through the fog.

another interesting day…

And another fantastic day in 2019-03-18,
including the Sun over the Palace of Parliament
and Mihai Viteazul’s Church (made in the 1590s
by the first unifier of the Romanian countries),
which I ended following the Moon in the historical centre.

A special Sun and a special Moon in 2019-03-19,
followed by the equinox day (2019-03-20),
in which I caught the sunset, spring blossoms, the sunrise
and, as bonus, the Full Moon…
made me wrote a reply to The Motans’ refrain;

Certainly certainly
the sunset and the sunrise
are visual effects
of Earth’s rotation. Only!

And as bonus to bonus,
the Crowned Full Moon!


© 2019 SARM
(Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy)