Based on the 5th edition of SARM’s national contest of astrophotography
Astro-Photo 2008

Event Director and Organizer:
Valentin Grigore
Web Project Coordinator:
Andrei Dorian Gheorghe
Florin Stancu

Dedicated to SARM’s 15 years of astronomical activities for youth

Photo (Solar Halo): Valentin Grigore (president of SARM)

Photo (From Around The Sun): Dan Mitrut (jury member)

Image: Alexandru Conu (jury member)

Event Logo: Calin Niculae (jury president)

Astro-Photo 2008 National Exhibition
Photo: Florian Ispas


Love for stars and sky
gives birth to miraculous connections between people
of all generations
and from all places.

-Valentin Grigore (President of SARM)-



Images by:
Diana Bodea (1), Alexandru Tudorica (2), Florian Ispas (3),
Alexandru Ioan Velcea (4), Sorin Careba (5), Ioan Agavriloaiei (6),
Monica Butnaru (7), Mihai Curtasu (8), Sorin Hotea (9), Catalin Fus (10)


There was a man
who did understand
what the infinite is.

He just wondered
why the other people
did not understand him.

-Razvan Ciomartan-

SERIES 11-20

Images by:
Cristina Tinta (11), Eugen Florin Marc (12), Mihai Curtasu (13),
Alexandru Tudorica (14), Alexandru Ioan Velcea (15), Radu Gherase (16),
Sorin Hotea (17), Monica Butnaru (18), Dragos Petrutiu (19), Sorin Careba (20)


I bought a new house.
being curious to know my neighbors
from the close universe,
I knocked their doors.

I firstly looked at the nearby planets
(even if the stars,
other houses in the distance,
were just flickering):
Venus welcomed me
(after she had stolen a bit of shine
from the Sun),
then Jupiter appeared too,
a round head joking sometimes with Mars
(red at cheeks).

Afterwards, on a close alley,
I saw someone with a hat,
named Saturn
(the nattiest neighbor).

And who knows? ,
perhaps with a strong instrument
someday I would remark Pluto,
who may be repudiated
from the solar system’s planets,
with luggage
and small stones in his pockets.

-Ion(ut) Moraru-

SERIES 21-30

Images by:
Eugen Florin Marc (21), Monica Butnaru (22), Sprin Hotea (23),
Alexandru Tudorica (24), Cristina Ungureanu (25), Cristina Tinta (26),
Dragos Petrutiu (27), Catalin Fus (28), Ioan Agavriloaiei (29), Catalin Paduraru (30)


There are so many crumbs
of unknown worlds…

Meteor showers fight for a drop of air
in a new galaxy,
stars push one another among unexpected skies,
in spiroidal temples…

All of them want to appear
petals of hope,
rays of willpower,
dust of shooting stars
numb in the porch of your house,

-Irina Cristescu-

SERIES 31-40

Images by:
Sorin Hotea (31), Alexandru Tudorica (32), Cristina Ungureanu (33),
Mihai Curtasu (34), Dragos Petrutiu (35), Eugen Florin Marc (36), Radu Gherase (37),
Alexandru Tudorica (38), Monica Butnaru (39), Ciprian Grigorescu (40)


You don’t need
too many degrees
in order to present
a field
practiced from warm passion

(such as astronomy)…

-Ruxandra Toma-

SERIES 41-50

Images by:
Diana Bodea (41), Florian Ispas (42), Catalin Timosca (43),
Catalin Mitu (44), Mihai Curtasu (45), Monica Butnaru (46), Cristina Ungureanu (47),
Alexandru Tudorica (48), Dragos Petrutiu (49), Cristina Tinta (50)


The successful secret of the Astronomy Day 2008 in my town:
-A few astronomical instruments.
-Sun (not too friendly) + Moon + Saturn.
-A few particular televisions.
-Hundreds of curious people
(some of them even passionate).
-Some materials
(photos, folders, magazines, sweaters)
on astronomy.

-A few enthusiastic amateur astronomers
…and me.

-Raul Truta-

SERIES 51-60

Images by:
Catalin Paduraru (51), Catalin Timosca (52), Catalin Mitu (53),
Alexandru Tudorica (54), Monica Butnaru (55), Alexandru Tudorica (56),
Eugen Florin Marc (57), Sorin Careba (58), Sorin Hotea (59), Diana Bodea (60)


I saw a planet where
Art was Queen.

Attracted by her beauty,
ogres from all galaxies
came to abduct her,
but Art was protected
only by loyal adepts.

And even if sometimes
many of them were swallowed by invaders,
those monsters withered quickly:

inspired by stars,
every Soldier of Art
had a too ardent heart.

-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe (jury member,
from Spaceman Sazartinus’ Diary, 1985)-

© 2008 SARM
(Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy)