-by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe-

I always say: “Astronomy,
In hard times, you enlighten me.”

Artwork (The Stars): Toma Hirth (1939-2009;
he was a painter of the Cosmos
and a member of the Visual Artists Union of Romania,
who had paintings exhibited in Western Europe and North America;
a few days after his death, one of his works was included in the
SARM Astro-Photo-Art-Poetry Exhibition at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris
between January 14 and January 23,
on the occasion of the Opening Ceremony
of the International Year of Astronomy 2009)


-by Adrian Sima-

the essential rumble
cannot be seen
as the seconds
cannot be seen
in the universal stump

hydrogen lungs crack
hands rustle to the flight
dangers are all around

orbital eagles signal
teeth of energy

unprecedented colors
on each edge of soul

the explosion comes
into leafs

it cannot be seen

but it is the great explosion
which will put in our palms
destinies of galactic snows

Photo (M8 Lagoon Nebula) by Maximilian Teodorescu

Artwork (Supernova): Arlene Carol (Turkey, south of Troy;
born in U.S.A.)

Photo (Pickering Triangle in Cygnus): Adrian Oradean alias “Kuky” (U.S.A.;
born in Romania)

-by Florian Saioc-

After an apple had fallen on his head
Newton discovered
the law of the universal attraction

After astronomy had fallen on my head
I discovered that in my mind
there are a lot of unknown constellations

Now I have a dilemma:
whose discovery
is the greatest

Photo (Summer Orion): Valentin Grigore

Artwork (The Music of the Stars): Cristina Tinta

Photo (Winter Orion): Casper ter Kuile (Holland)

-by Dominic Diamant-

What is the origin of matter and thought?
But of the air, water, fire, earth?
But of the Universe that surrounds us?
These are interrogations and sufferings.

We shall never know
a comprehensible and available answer
because as much as we would understand
it is not enough to quantify the impossible.

Human history in the Cosmos?
Just an incidental course
thrashing about in a river bed
and being assimilated by eternity.

There is no program for our nature to compress
the whole fascinating truth of the world, I guess.

Photo (Moonset): Alex(andru) Conu

Photo (New Moon over Auckland StarDome): Danut Ionescu (New Zealand;
born in Romania)

Photo (Colored Moon): Eugen Florin Marc

-by Dan Mitrut-

beyond the old chimney
there is a hole in the garret
through which the goddesses of fate
sift possible heavenly bodies


only one:
the tales live in us
until we shall find their senses

Artwork: Calin Niculae

Photo (Parry Arc): Dan Mitrut

Photo: Galina Ryabova (Tomsk University, Siberia, Russia;
Chair of the International Astronomical Union Division III
Commission 22 WG Professional-Amateur Cooperation in Meteors)

-by Valentin Grigore-

I think we must include
in astronomy
all the human aspects …


Artwork: Adrian Macinca

-by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe-

Choose the light, man, choose the high light,
Then follow it and become bright!