-long astro-photo-poem by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe
design by Florin Alexandru Stancu-

Când porţile Universului s-au deschis,
Stelele devin trăiri interioare,
Iubirea devine o lumină ce doare,
Iar vidul se transformă într-un vis.

When the Gates of the Universe have opened,
Stars become interior livings,
Love becomes a bright and painful beam,
And the void transforms itself into a dream.

It was a capricious weather
in the Capital City of Romania, Bucharest,
during the spring of 2016.

But not so capricious
like our feelings, sometimes.

If you don’t fix your limits,
you, who cannot accept to lose your dignity,
risk to be involuntary destroyed by
someone who doesn’t know self-respect.

But… can you control your limits
as time as not even the borders of the solar system
are clearly defined?

If you are on the demarcation line between
the Moon’s world departing
and the Sun’s world coming,
could you correctly choose between
the ruinous passion
and the pure devotion?

Never despise love,
it can appear anywhere,
it can strangely manifest,
it can make you suffer and doubt of yourself,
but never be ashamed of it.

Only through love you can save your part of world,
only through love you can build something durable,
and only through love you can protect yourself,
in spite of your suffering,
something from the mysterious smile of the Moon
which immaterially touches our souls,
or from the great aura of the Sun
in which we are included.

Dusk reflected in the lake…

He who feels himself devastated by destiny asks himself
why sometimes demons appear disguised into spectacular angels,
and why angels appear disguised into modest beings.

Being so confused,
he also asks himself if life
is really a goddess or just a prostitute.

The situation could seem quite absurd
if such a man is chosen to be an angel
for other (limited and nonplussed) persons.

But he can stop his depression remembering
his appurtenance to the sky,
which is the perfect model,
while our lives are imperfect reflections.

But if the bases of your supposed happiness
are destructive
and you are in danger
trying to high yourself just falling down?

In April 2016
(Global Astronomy Month)
I photographically caught more heavenly bodies
the Moon and Procyon,
Saturn and Mars,
Saturn, Mars and Antares,
the Moon, an iridescent cloud, Saturn, Mars and Antares,
the Moon and Jupiter),
and they touched my vulnerable being
with the brightness of their cosmic dance,
telling me that the light will never cease to exist.

So never forget to remain
connected to it!

Even when the night falls
we should follow the Sun!

Do not despair
if your candour seems unfairly punished!

Your fair attitude will be recompensed soon,
in a superior way,
by other solar reflection.

If you are lucky to find an uncapturable muse
to inspire you for a short while,
don’t look for sunspots
in her magic!

An unforgettable muse appears and disappears
not when, how and where you want,
she comes and departs
like an aperiodic comet
(although nobody knows if the muses
have their own Oort Cloud).

A muse must be just adored,
quite like Alpha Canis Majoris
or any other star.

You know,
sometimes I think that the best feeling I can touch
is the sensible affiliation
to the solar family.

Only through a positive thinking
and respecting all the options (from delicate to passionate)
you can obtain a great (but always transient) victory,
you can become, for a short moment,
a blossomed Jupiter!

If the clouds are stronger,
don’t think that the Sun is feebler!

Inspiration never comes
if you are perfectly balanced.

Risk opening a part of your soul,
maybe it would be painful,
but this is the only way to be blessed by the mystery of life,
a satellite much closer than the Moon.

If you consistently run after the Sun,
sometimes he sends you, during the dusk,
the bird of achievements
announcing that in fact
love is here on Earth.

And don’t worry,
tomorrow another sunset will call you!

Quite more often,
if you continue to love the world
in spite of any cloudy disillusion,
sometimes even the Sun will await you!

A festival of artificial light under a cloudy weather
could be a perfect pretext to claim
human independent triumph.

But the cosmic and inspiring light
continued to watch the minor and infatuated world from below,
finally penetrating the clouds through Jupiter
(brave collector of sunlight)
even over a monument for martyrs who had sacrificed their lives
just for … the real light!

If you find once again that
the bases for your short happiness
have been conventionally false,
should you renegade the light created during that time
as being illusory?

it has been as real
as the sunrays.

The hardest moments in your life are
when you are in prolonged collapse,
aware that you have been stolen
by a seductive, but fatal circumstance.

But on the same day
clouds with sunrays, the Sun itself
and two Moons
(the real Moon Sickle
and a leaf as the First Quarter Moon):
here is another miracle!

Always messages that you are not lost and alone,
and from beyond heavenly bodies as celestial angels,
Someone takes care of you
if you don’t cease to believe in goodness and beauty.

the Universe works to give you
what really deserves to be wanted
(firstly paying you through beauty,
then saving you through goodness):

perhaps more earthly angels and noble feelings,
maybe a better muse,
and certainly a higher miracle.

The Sun is
our greatest jet plane!

Any other object (thing or person)
that carries us in flight
can stop.

But the flight itself,
full of faith, hope, and love…

Minus infinit şi plus infinit
N-ar trebui să existe
Cât timp avem infinitul total, contopit
Cu iluziile noastre anarhiste.

The plus infinite and the minus infinite
Should never ever exist
As time as we have the total infinite
Melted into our anarchistic bit.

-Bucharest, Romania, 2016, 9 March - 20 May-


© 2016 SARM
(Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy)