NHI, 1999:

A review about Romanian Astrohaiku, anthology 1997-1998.


NHI, 1999-2002

Reviews about Romanian Contemporary Astropoetry, anthologies 1999-2002.


NHI, 2001

A review about Romanian Astrographic Poems, anthology 2001.


Andrei Dorian Gheorghe's Works

Some of the best astropoems by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe with artworks, photographs and design by Calin Niculae.


Astropoetry on the Peaks, 2002 (pdf)

A SARM e-book published in a program of the United Nations Society of Writers.


SARM Golden Astropoetic Gallery, 2003

A joint project of Astropoetica.com and SARM.


Venus Transit Writings, 2004

A SARM anthology hosted by the European Southern Observatory.


Meteor Contemporary Poetry Project (series1-5)

An original project hosted by the International Meteor Organization.



Eternal Truth

"Astronomy is very nice in its poetic form!..."
Dr. Harald Alexandrescu (1945-2005) - coordinator of the
"Admiral Vasile Urseanu" Municipal Observatory - Bucharest)


Eternal Astrohaiku

“The smile of a star
stays hidden in the eyes of
those who raise their gazes.”
-Cristina Slovineanu-


Astropoetical Collage

"We are children of the
primordial worlds..."
-Sergiu Olteanu-

"...to love something sublime:
the sky inspiring life!"
-Costica Gheorghe-

"We are innocent children
of the Earth..."
-Catalin Bunofschi-

"...to become dreamers by
speaking about the stars..."
-Ionut Toader-

"...to change the day smile
for the night melancholy..."
-Elena Olaru-

“...to look for the right way
by contemplating the Cosmos...”
-Silviu Georgescu-

"...to warn anybody that
a strong light pollution +
a strong normal pollution =
a fatal combination..."
-Virgil Chiriac-

"...to fly through the sky dream..."
-Codrin Mardare-

"...to believe in the
heavenly bodies' friendship..."
-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe-

"...to be fascinated by the splash
of the cosmic oars..."
-Constantin Huth-

"...to be inspired by the Sun's
light and divine immortality..."
-Simona Adriana Cornila-

“...to be in a hurry to watch
any amazing sunspot...”
-Dan Carbunaru-

"...to admire planets playing
with light flakes..."
-Mircea Babescu-

"...to catch the comets' charm
and old meteors..."
-Monica & Sandu Marcu-

"...to be happy by
seeing the rainbow..."
-Lucian Ionescu-

"...to scrutinize celestial abysses
just to see for a moment
a mild fireball from the starry waste..."
-Ionut Dumitrache-

"...to mirror our feelings in the
lunar craters..."
-Dan Mitrut-

"We live on a tear of sky
in immensity..."
-Ioana Grigore-

"...to be careful at
the cosmic imperialism..."
-Bogdan Ioana-

“...to understand that astronomy
is great for everyone...”
-Erika Lucia Suhay-

"...to venerate astromythology..."
-Adriana Nicolae-

“...to understand that heavens mean more
than astronomical skills...”
-Felician Ursache-

"...to keep catching astral essences..."
-Emil Pasculescu-

"...to receive the peace
of the mysterious Universe..."
-Roxana Floria-

“...to know that each year
under the starry sky
full of motion and light
could be an unknown adventure,
but we must be victorious...”
-Sorin Hotea-

"...to bring the sky into the
people's life..."
-Valentin Grigore-

"We are travellers in the light,
among the starry eternities."
-Tania Tilici & Diana Tampu-


Eternal Principle

"Our good thoughts about astropoetry
at anytime and anywhere-
a field that we loved
now... and in our future life!"
-Pr. Virgil V. Scurtu-



"I always dreamed about a visit on a planet with two or more natural satellites.
But one evening, over the fascinating colours of the twilight...
Venus was so bright and the New Moon's sickle so delicate, that I lived an illusion: our Earth had two satellites!
Or perhaps Goddess Venus and the New King of the night made another wedding in the sky.
Or perhaps the heavenly bodies were always the highest satellites of poetry."
- Andrei Dorian Gheorghe, 2005 July 8th -