"In the clear, starry nights
I need to listen to special and spiritual people."

-Nicolae Aldea (1957-2010)-

-photo by Valentin Grigore
(founder and president of SARM)-

-by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe-

The following text could be seen as a forced analogy,
but it is just a poetical explanation.

“Astro” means “star” in Greek.
So properly, “astropoetry” means “poetry of stars”
and implicitly all that exists around stars.

“Cosmos” means “order” in Greek,
and from to Pythagoras,
since the 6th century BC,
this term is synonymous with “universe”.
And the Universe means all that exists -
space-time, energy with matter and motion, physical laws.
So properly, just like the Cosmos is based on stars,
“cosmopoetry” means all that can be connected to “astropoetry”
(especially astrophotography and astroarts)
as astro-photo-art-poetry fusions,
conceived as fluent (individual or collective) stories.

[Supplementary Note:

Because in the world there have appeared more deviationist epigones
who do not logically use these concepts
(for instance,
cosmopoetry is not used in connection to the Cosmos,
and astropoetry is considered astrological poetry!!!),
SARM and its friends from all over the world
have decided to realize this project
as a superior demonstration for the original and real cosmopoetry concept,
officially launched in 1995.]

-astro-photo-collage by Adrian Bruno Sonka
(coordinator of Admiral Vasile Urseanu Bucharest Municipal Observatory)-

-by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe-

“You know that the first Olympic Games
were dedicated to me,”
said Zeus,
“so why do you not name your project
the Cosmopoetry Olympiad?

Or why do you not prefer Nemean Games,
also dedicated to me,
as a Cosmopoetry Nemead?

Or Pythian Games,
dedicated to my poetic son Apollo,
as a Cosmopoetry Pythiad,
or Isthmian Games,
dedicated to my brother Poseidon,
as a Cosmopoetry Isthmiad,
or the more poetical Panathenaic Games,
dedicated to my favourite daughter Athena,
as a Cosmopoetry Panatheniad?

Or why do not invent something
dedicated to the muse of astronomy, Urania,
such us Cosmopoetry Uraniad?”

“We are sorry, Zeus,”
was our answer,
“we named our project Olympicosmopoetriada
just because it does not include a competition of works,
but a collective story cosmopoetically harmonizing
individual works of astropoetry, astrophotography and astroarts,
so it can be seen as a cosmopoetry olympiad
in which the only competition is that of
the creators with themselves.

Olympicosmopoetriada is not dedicated to you,
but to sky lovers from all over the world.

As we said,
Olympicosmopoetriada is not an athletic competition,
but a trip in time
through the dimensions of creation
from the mythological-astronomical legends
around Mount Olympus
to the contemporary deeds
in the name of the queen of sciences.

Just because we think that
Mount Olympus is
the first star of astronomy!”

-astroartwork by Calin Niculae
(founder of digital astroart in Romania)-