-some people watched only a partial eclipse in their countries,

but they were morally close to the Anatolian Eclipse 2006 expedition-


Did you ever see something more beautiful than

 the Sun rising from the sea?

Did you ever see something more beautiful than

 the Sun waltzing with the Moon in the cosmic ocean?

-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe (SARM)-

worlds fly over us

their flights break down in our warm flesh

as the sun breaks down in itself

death is only a point

theoretically inexistent

-Adrian Sima (SARM)-


beasts in alert

the sun – a black hole

evening at noon

-Ion Moraru (SARM)-


 Like from nothing, a kind of mist

with  a cold breath of wind overcomes you.

Under the moon’s shadow that spreads over the world

you feel the Earth like stopping,

and a deep silence, like magic,

growing from heights.

The eclipse’s spirit comes to you like a net,

all is mute around you,

and the darkness seems to be home,

and the time is like turned to stone.

-Silviu Georgescu (SARM)-


night in the full day

hot Moon caresses

Sun’s neck

-Dominic Diamant (SARM)-


 When the Sun plays with the Moon

in the canopy of heaven

I wonder if the light star is replaced, through witchcraft,

by another one, smaller, colder and paler.

And the cascade of questions continues:

Is our solar system the same?

Did the cosmic illusionist change it

through a simple hocus-pocus?

Is all nature overturned?

Do we remain the same prisoners

in the versatile collection of the destiny?

-Victor Chifelea (SARM)-


in the afternoon dawn

frogs croak

-Gerald England (U.K.)-